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Useful asset that generate income

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Useful asset that generate income

Have you ever tried to calculate how many assets in your home? But before you count, you need to know what could be the “asset” is. “Assets” could be interpreted as a treasure that you have today. What a treasure. Objects can be at home, cash, savings or investments that you have. So again, the asset is property that you have at the moment, whatever it is.

Well, after living for years, try to count, what are the assets that you’ve collected so far? Well, certainly there are a lot of things like mobile phone, cash, savings, time-deposit in private banks, furniture, car and perhaps even your own homes. Wow, not bad after years of work, there are many assets that you can also collect.

But the problem is that you should plan your business idea and consider how many of those assets that provide income to you? That is, how many of the assets you that give money and income for you and your family?

Let’s see: You are using your own mobile phone, motorcycles, cars, furniture in the house, computer at home, TV and radio tape. Cloth and shoes are using by yours. None of those assets provide income for you.

Cash will not give revenue for you. Your cash always stay in the closet and always take if you want to buy new clothes or shoes. Isn’t it?

To be honest, the only asset that provide income for you maybe just your deposit. It will give interest to you. Many of you may already feel ‘rich’ with your current circumstances. You can directly buy the goods you like such as new mobile phone, new clothes, new TV, new fitness equipment, new shoes, even a new motorcycle or new vehicle. In fact every friend you always tell that you have just bought it, you are buying bandwagon. Even worse when you come to the mall, you’d think: “What goods can I buy now? It was when I had the money, especially if your husband has higher income and it seems you are very rich.

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