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Benchmark in your career to increase productivity

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When we are still in its infancy, usually our parents will measure height and weight of us. This can measure how much the growth and how you can reach the future, which is usually the weight and height is almost the same as your mother or father. Size, and the calculation are the things to compare whether something increases or decreases, for the better or not. For people who are successful, we should have benchmarks as well.

Successful people will keep their score for the progress of an exciting, positive attitude, achievement of financial and whatever they want to measure as a success. How about you, whether you create a benchmark in your career?

When Mike Walsh at the High Performers International wanted to improve his achievement, he began to record not a number of applicants who obtained at the company but also the number of telephone communications that conducted the sales department, the amount of face to face meetings they organize, and the number of face to face meetings they managed to turn into registration and sales. As a result of recording numbers like that, Mike created the increase in revenues by 39% in just 6 months.

The recording is not only applicable in the business world, work, or sports, but also your everyday life. Vinod Khosla, founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems said that it feels good to know how to recharge your batteries. But the more important is to make sure that you actually do it. I monitor how many times I get home in time to have dinner with my family; my assistant to report the frequency each month. I have four children, from ages 7 to 11 years. Spending time with them is my driving force.

Measure your company’s priorities. People also need to measure their priorities. I spent about 50 hours per week for work, and I could easily work 100 hours. So I always make sure that at the end of my work, I got home just in time for dinner with my kids. Then I helped them with homework and playing games. My goal is to go home at dinner time at least 25 nights per month. Having a target number is the key. I know people in my business that have been lucky to be home for dinner 5 times per month. In my opinion, I am not less productive than they are.

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