Resume Writing

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Here are some suggestions that are allowed and not recommended in writing a resume:

1. Make your resume as easy as possible to read and understand, for example by the use of bullet styles.

2. Avoid writing to much words in resume, ideally is one page, but if it is not enough because you may experience so much, use just two page. Do not let more than two pages.

3. Notice how the design of displays and information on your resume, avoid using the familiar, for example by using the templates provided by Microsoft Word, although there is nothing wrong in these templates, but you can make it as if a special and privileged.

4. Do not ever lie to the information submitted in your resume.

5. Write the information contained within it focus to the opportunities you get, throw some information considered necessary for those who will accept you.

6. Avoid using the word “I” in your resume.

7. Show information about the work that is considered important for its readers.

8. Do not forget to write down the location where you worked before.

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9. Sort your work experiences based on what happened.

10. Write in the form of quantity if possible, for example, the number of staff you manage, what percentage of your sales success achieved, how many products you handle, etc..

11. Avoid writing too much experience in your resume. If you write too much, they might assume that you will be too expensive to be paid.

12. In terms of expertise and work activities, avoid writing job that does not want for the future.

13. Write down your educational background, including the departments or areas of expertise. If you have any education in higher education, do not need to write your secondary education level (such as SMU / SMK).

14. On your resume does not need to write your weight, height, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, gender, health, number and type of ID card, the reason to leave work earlier, the name of your supervisor, salary information, and it Other things regarded as religion, politics, race / ethnicity, social group membership, etc..

15. Avoid writing a hobby or other things that do not have a strong connection, although this is often used to make the interview process will not be too rigid, but can be regarded as information that is not too valuable.

16. If you have an accomplishment, list your achievements are, especially for those who just graduated, because some companies even after those who excel in their company’s name up later, such as sports championships, etc..

17. No need to write a reference about yourself in a resume, just write down that you will provide references if requested.

18. Before you cast your resume to them, please review your resume carefully, typing errors and understanding will bring death to your opportunity.