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Jobs at Nestle

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nestle2We are a leading food Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Our Company has for the past 141 years produces the best product with a passion for excellence in food safety and quality. We are always committed to these ideals and value the trust given to us by our consumers worldwide. If you have the same passion for excellence, at this time we are seeking people with professional knowledge, personal integrity, and strong motivation to excel and enjoys facing challenges in a dynamic organization to join as our :

The Requirements:

  • Graduate from S1 – Electronic / System Control / Informatics Engineering  program.
  • with GPA minimum of 3.00 of 4 scale.
  • Proficiency in working with database programming such as VB.Net as well as RS logix families / Rockwell system etc.
  • Previous experience in relevant field will be an advantage.
  • Enjoy working with people and have a lot of energy.
  • Proficiency in English to enable sharing his/her idea.

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Some Tips to Make Money Online

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sell-photos-onlineIf someone interested in making money online quickly, they should be very careful as to what they are doing. Sure, everybody wants to make money, and it is always better if they can do it in a short amount of time.

But the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of scam people who are preying on people that want to make money online. They know that you are in a hurry to start raking in the profits, so they play off of that as a way of getting money from you up front. But at the same time, there are several ways that everybody can make money online quickly. Not all hope is lost!

One of the best ways to quickly make money online is to have a product or service that the public can not turn down. Even though this may sound difficult, there are many ideas out there that are just waiting to get discovered. Continue reading

Jobs at Sioen Industries

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Our company a fully owned subsidiary of Sioen Industries of Belgium. Sioen Industries is an integrated group & worldwide innovator in the production of technical textiles and apparels.  Recently We are seeking people like you to join the following positions.

Production Engineering
Requirements :

  • S1, industrial enginering or engineering.
  • Experience in garment factory preferable Jacket at least 1 years as PE or IE.
  • Maximum 35 years old.
  • Willing to work under pressure and target oriented.
  • Dynamic, mature, have a strong analytical thingking.
  • Able to manage people.
  • Preferable single
  • Fluently in english both oral & written
  • Computer literate in word , excel

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Work in pharmaceutical sales for the future

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are set to be among the most unchanging vocation tracks of the future, as the manufacture is calculate to remain strong with first-class job chances.

1. The industry

Medicines impart staggeringly to the health of the nation, with many than 825 million prescription drug* dispensed every year. The UK is one of the world leaders in drug breakthrough, with around half of all major medications sold here evolved in British laboratories.

Employing around 73,000 people, the UK pharmaceutic industry develops and produces drugs, gear and products, and is the major provider of pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Often described as competitive, fast-moving, exciting and honouring, the industry relies on its pharmaceutical sales job personnel to work closely with GPs, hospitals and pharmacies to better empathise patient needs.

It’s via these family relationship* that masters in pharmaceutical sales jobs can promote doctors to consider ordering their company’s pharmaceutical products (covering the huge cost of developing them, and to invest more into future cures.)

In 2007, the top five ahead international pharmaceutical companies (the ‘Big League’) were Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, AstraZeneca and Novartis Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. The leading branded drugs worldwide include Lipitor, Zocor, Plavix, Nexium and Zyprexa.

2. The current climate

Jobs in pharmaceutical sales have not got away the effects of the current global economic downturn, even though ‘people will always get sick’ and need treatment. However, forecasters are predicting that a pharmaceutical sales job will potential be one of the more stable careers to enter in the future.

This is because drug business firm* are moving toward Pharma 2.0 – a thinner business model, that uses smarter and more efficient ways of working; such as social media tools (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) to promote the benefits of new medical specialty* and recruit patients for clinical trials (significantly cheaper than traditional advertising methods.)

Some pharmaceuticals are going through effective times, however, such as Swiss drug maker Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The firm expects to increase its 2,700 employees in China by 20 percent each year until at least 2013. The bulk of the new positions will be pharmaceutical sales jobs, according to its CEO.

3. What pharmaceutical sales jobs are out there?

In a nutshell, pharmaceutical sales jobs affect promoting prescription drug products by calling on doctors at their surgeries and holding speaker meetings.

A typical day in a pharmaceutical sales job involves calling on 8 to10 physicians and 3 to 5 pharmacists, covering a territory ranging from 60 to a 200 mile radius. It also involves intense intersection studying and testing; from denotations, usage and side effects to competitor medicines.

There are three main types of pharmaceutical sales jobs:

* Primary care (family practice physicians and internal medicine physicians)
* Specialty Care (cardiology, endocrinologists, urologists, etc)
* Hospital or Managed Care

Reaching the position of Hospital Specialist, specialising in a therapy area, is considered by many to be the ultimate promotion for many professionals in pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Since at least a third of drugs produced in the UK are exported, there are also international pharmaceutical sales job opportunities to consider too.

4. What do recruiters look for?

Competition for pharmaceutical sales jobs can be high, and you’ll commonly need a bachelor’s degree, however entry-level pharmaceutical sales job positions are available. Most require 1 to 2 years of proven success in outside sales, such as copiers, telecommunications or consumer products.

To stand out from the crowd, employers are looking for you to have a positivist, proactive attitude and a fierce conclusion to succeed. On top of that, you’ll need first rate communicatings skills and creativity, plus the vision to generate new business opening move*.

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