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The Advantages of Feedback In Career Improvement

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When you start acting, you will begin to receive feedback about the correctness of your actions. You will get the data, advice, assistance, advice, guidance, and even criticism that will help you to constantly adjust and move forward while continuing to strengthen the knowledge, skills, attitudes and relationships. But to get feedback before the beginning, then you must be willing to respond the feedback.

There are two kinds of feedback that you may receive – negative and positive. We tend to prefer the positive – that is, results, money, praise, raise, promotion, customer satisfaction, appreciation, happiness, inner peace, familiarity, and pleasure. That feels better. It tells us that we are in the right direction, that we are doing the right thing.

We tend not to like negative feedback – there is no result, no money, criticism, bad judgments, do not get a raise or promotion, grievances, unhappiness, inner conflict, loneliness, misery. Even so, the negative feedback has the advantage as great as the positive feedback. It tells us that we have been off track, heading in the wrong direction, and doing something wrong. It is also valuable information.

Negative feedback is very valuable, so we need to change our perception of this negative feedback. We can said as “opportunities for improvement”. With attention to any negative feedback, you can fix what goes wrong so that you can become a better person.

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It is important to learn to be more timely

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Often come late to the office? It’s time to change these bad habits and learn to be more timely. An important first step is to identify the cause you come too late. Thus, it will be easier to figure out what must be changed. There are many reasons that cause someone is too late. Here are some of the most common factors:

Sleep late
If you get too tired in the morning because it was sleep late nights, it’s good to go to bed early. Many people do not get enough sleep. In fact, lack of sleep can suck the happiness and your health. Enough sleep is really important for everyone.

Work overtime
Apparently, this is one of the common causes of delay. If you try to reply to an e-mail again, or make one more homework before going to bed, you’ll be tempted to finish other jobs so late to bed.

Never underestimate the time you need to reach the workplace. You might think it only takes one hour to travel to the office. In fact, if calculated with a traffic jam, schedule an indeterminate public transportation, vehicles breaking down or a flat tire and other unforeseen events, travel time increases automatically.

Finding lost objects
Keys, wallet, phone or glasses stuck somewhere when you want to go to the office, can make the trip be delayed until you arrive too late. To fix this, define a special place to store important items you need. For example, in a drawer or cabinet. Restore the objects fit into place each time after

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Between Career and Personality

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personalityAt least, there are six types of human personality as mentioned in the theory of John Holland. Namely Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Enterprising and Conventional.

1. Realistic type is described as someone who have the skill to work with machinery, tools or animals. Generally avoids social activities like teaching, healing and counseling. People with this personality type usually see themselves as a person of practical, mechanical, and unrealistic. Examples of work in this sphere is the engineer, pilot or police officer.

2. Investigative types are described as people who like and good at solving problems. They usually avoid jobs that are in charge, sell or influence others. This type of see themselves as a precise, scientific and intellectual. For example chemist, dentist, physician, mathematician.

3. Artistic types like to do art activities, drama, manual dexterity,
writing literature. Typically, this type of activity to avoid the routine, repetitive and highly ordered nature of work. This type of person who sees themselves as expressive, original and independent. For example, clothing designers, dancers, composers, book editor, and graphic designer.

4. Social types like to help others and good at doing activities such as teaching, counseling, caring for or giving information. They usually avoid work related machinery, equipment or animals to achieve a purpose. This type of person who sees themselves as a helpful, friendly and trustworthy. For example teachers, counselors, nurses, social workers.

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Keep on your jobs motivation

motivation1. Break your tasks into small parts.
You only need to divide your tasks (break down) into pieces smaller to be more restrained. By dividing your tasks into tasks that are smaller, will make the job not too boring. When you successfully complete one small task, you will feel satisfied and happy. In psychology this is a valuable capital to move into the next small task.

There’s a good idea to give awards for yourself after a little work done, for example to buy anything that can spoil you for celebrating the achievements that you have done.

2. Take advantage of a snowball effect.
Find out which part of your job the most fun and start from there. You will easily and quickly finish the job. When you finish doing the fun part of the task, you unconsciously have been a step forward toward completion of your task or project. This is called a snowball effect.

3. Avoid doing multiple tasks at once.
Focus on what’s already there in front of your eyes. Complete your tasks one by one. I guarantee you’ll be more productive, your motivation level will continue to increase, and you’ll get the job done faster.

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Plan x Commitment = Success

commitmentAll the hope and promise is not a plan, if not accompanied by a commitment. If you’ve committed, though it seems not work, but you are believe in your decision, then start it!

There are several steps to make your success plan:

• Make a plan and run it wholehearted. The main thing is COMMITMENT.
• Create plan B as a backup
• Flexibility by using different approaches in achieving goals. If you do not succeed with your plan A, do not forget to execute the plan B.
• Use all the advances in technology to support your plan. Email, blogs, all forms of online advertising, through HP, Blackberry, whatever.
• Think of creativity in order to achieve these plans as well as possible, so you can make other plans in your lives.
• Competence is your strength in the work. The combination of knowledge, skills and work attitude are the hallmarks that distinguish you with other people.
• Able to indicate a consistent attitude and opinions in different situations, and stick to norms and values that a general principle
• Your career is your responsibility. If you want to succeed, prepare a career map that you want so you will not get lost. If you want to reach the position of director, you must be committed and work hard to achieve. If you want to become entrepreneurs, the commitment collect the money and open a business fields that you are interest.

Fight while you still have time, take out all the hope in your life, commitment, and seize these expectations.

Change your life with change your mindset

mindsetChange the way you think and it will change your life. Many people want to change their life, but still with the same mindset. You can not change what is outside, without change your mindset.

You want to change your job what seemed saturated? By changing jobs, not necessarily you get a new spirit. But when you change your mindset, even if you are still on the job longer then you can have a new passion and see your work differently.

Here are steps that can help you to change your mindset:

1. Give yourself time to think. Busyness does not equal with success. Do not equate success with the busy sense. If you are really good success you need time to think.

2. Find a place to get creative inspiration. If you have the mental discipline, then you can think creatively wherever and whenever. But if you do not have this kind of discipline, find inspiration by looking to generate an atmosphere that supports creative thinking. Some people try it with music, others with a picture or find a place where beautiful scenery. You can try your own way.

3. Force yourself to think creatively. Sometimes, think creative can be difficult. To build mental discipline, you can not think when the atmosphere or when it’s easy to support. You must force yourself to think even if it seems difficult.

4. Look at problems as opportunities. Successful people never received an answer “No”. They are usually the people who are not afraid of problems. Have this mindset, and you will have the resources to achieve success in your life.

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3 financial mistakes that women made

woman90 percent of women feel unsafe in managing their money. There are 3 of the biggest mistakes that women make with their money:

1. Relying entirely husband to manage your finances.

A woman can do all this but she ultimately depends entirely on the husband to manage her finances. Women should be assertive in managing finances. Banks are increasingly aware of the importance of women sector, and many that offer educational courses for women only.

The course will teach you how to save, invest, understanding of banking processes such as complex application processing system and business process management tools. Begin slowly, with the help of a guide book for beginners and work.

2. Saving for college fund before you saving for retirement funds.

There are so many loans and scholarships are available for college, but none are available for retirement. First, college is no longer a guarantee for a successful career. Most universities have become big business and it did not prepare children to enter various careers at this time. Bill Gates never graduated from college, most millionaires and successful entrepreneurs are not college graduates. You do not need a degree to become a web programmer, designer, photographer or business owner.

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Achieve your dream jobs

dream-jobsEveryone must have a dream job. Maybe dream of becoming a successful manager, or ever dream to becoming famous artist? Anything! Getting a dream job is not as easy as we can imagined. It takes hard work and efforts to reach them. Well, consider the following reviews, that could be a positive feedback for you.

1. Find people who live in your dreams

If you aspire to be a radio announcer, for example, start to become a devoted fan. This can further motivate you and continue with the start visited several radio stations and meet the announcer. From there you must obtain a new insight into the world of broadcasting. If possible you can even get tips and tricks, how to pass the selection recruitment broadcaster. This is the first step for you.

2. Know your skills

Answer the following questions, whether your dream job that requires more expertise than you have been? Do you need experience required other than your current job? What do you want? What do you need? After finding the answer, immediately fill the needs and cover your weaknesses. To determine the next steps, follow the advice of people you know on the first step before

3. Have the widest network

With many relation, there is more source for getting closer to your dream job.

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10 Character of the winners and the losers

winner-loserHere is 10 Character of the winners and the losers:

1. When the winner made a mistake he said: “I was wrong!”
When the loser made a mistake he said, “this is not
my fault! ”

2. Winner said, “I was good, but I could be better!”
Losers say, “I’m not as bad as anyone else!”

3. Winners try to learn from each one better than him.
Losers always try to knock other people in various ways.

4. Winner said, “let me do this for you!”
Losers say, “it’s not my job!”

5. Winner said, “there must be a better way to do it!”
Losers say, “that’s usually done here!”

6. Winner said, “is difficult but possible!”
Losers say, “this is possible but very difficult to do!”

7. Winners always have plans.
Losers always look for reasons.

8. Winners have commitments.
Losers only promise-a promise only.

9. Winners are always part of the answer.
Losers always be a part of the problem.

10. Winner thoroughly solve the problem.
Losers always thorough and never solve the problem.

Source: Professional Jobs Search

Time management, the key to reach your goal

time-managementTime Is Money. But really how many among us who can really use our time well? Actually, if you want to organize your life and make it fun, for starters you need is to manage your time. Without question, effective time management is fundamental to the scope of the various areas of life. In fact, often there is a difference between real life and achievements, though busy, never to the point.

Not surprisingly, the industry overall timing is a necessity. But if you look deeper, you will be able to see that the timing is not far different from self-management. Because in fact, you can not set the time, but you can manage yourself and what you do in every opportunity.

Most experts agree that success is the result of habit. Therefore, the first step is to facilitate how you using the time, which starts with your habits (self control). And this habit started as a conscious decision-making.

Once you can, so this a good habit to be a natural thing. In many cases, success is not generated from an unusual thing, but more as a result of a person’s ability to ‘master the mundane’. By consistently showing all important task that has not been perfect, over time this activity will turn into big achievement.  These are a few simple rules to follow to set a better time:

– Do Putting. Do it now. When people put things off, it means killing momentum as the achievement of this goal and hinder future opportunities because of the blocked time. The way to prevent the delay is to set deadlines for goals that must be achieved. Avoid delays in bringing the last deadline set goals as an intermediary to reach the same level after level to that destination.

– Keep track of your activity. Memory is a poor guide, if these relate to specify how you spend your time. The best way to record your activities throughout the day is to record what you do. Most people will find that they have three hours in each day that could be used for more constructive things or efficient action.  Reduce the time you spend on the phone, flipping through magazines or surf the web that has no result, and limit the activities that is not important.

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