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Revenue Deficit, Can Invest?

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Revenue Deficit, Can Invest?

Under no circumstances will any human being obliged to make investments in order that we can maintain and even enhance the lifestyle of today and tomorrow, and also so that we can achieve future financial goals. In other words, investment is mandatory for those who do not want to be a reduced purchasing power in the future.

The problem is:
1. Do we have a sufficient portion of the money to invest?
2. What if in fact we do not have a portion of investment? Or even
3. We tend to run into deficit (lack of) money?

For the first problem is a wise solution to the efficiency of expenditure, do it with a minimum target of 10 percent of expenditures. Efficiency in question is rescheduling expenditure that is convenience. Efficiency is done as much as possible instance of the use of cars every day changed to once every 2 days. The changes are transferred by means of mass public transport or using the motor even using a bicycle to work for example, why not? Remember the investment objective is to delay the pleasure and comfort at this time (not eliminate) but get a much bigger future.

For the second problem is the same answer to the problem at first but it certainly remains to be coupled with more sacrifices to cut the amount of spending to be trimmed more significantly, its implementation should be done with extra tight, and certainly with a sacrifice. Suppose that car use was reduced to only use on weekends, the rest by means of mass transportation. Maximum power consumption savings, home air conditioning (if any) is used only on a limited basis at certain hours, as well as the use of water pumps and so forth.

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It is mandatory for us to change with ‘only’ considers that our revenues by 90 per cent of the total funds received each month. Target expenditure amounted to a maximum of 90 percent so the remaining 10 percent is the value we have to pay as an appreciation for the benefit of future self and beloved family. Let us return to the investment philosophy is to enjoy the maximum desire in the future.

The third problem is the heaviest of the two previous cases, the answer is the same as in the case of the latter but also must be added to see the presence or absence of productive assets that can be optimized (in terms of economical). In terms of seeing whether there is an asset that can be optimally financially then we must think clearly so that the action taken can truly meet our needs for investment. Remember our goal today is to invest.

Next after you make an evaluation and it still has assets that can be ‘economically empowered’ then do not waste too much time to do it, immediate action (action). Suppose you have a house with a strategic location, close to bus terminals, train stations or adjacent to the central business then you can do business in the real sector by opening a boarding house that is integrated with shops selling daily necessities (such as mini markets). In this case you start to do business or businesses in the real sector, the ability of management or business management is a primary key.

But if you do not have a home then if you should be silent? The answer is no! You may still have a car or motorcycle, use it. Rent your mobile assets, earn income from it calculate the cost of care and all hazards are correctly and accurately. The point is that you try to not add to the deficit but reduce it so that the deficit eroded until exhausted.

The next question is where did the money that I use for capital? You know my condition a deficit, how is it possible? Change your mindset! You do not own a lot of people whose condition is far worse than you but still successful. Use means of loans from banks, for example if you want to build a boarding house and mini market, guaranteed your property, get business credit with a maximum count rate for mortgage interest. Leverage your personal assets growth.

Once the business starts rolling then use the results of your efforts optimally, once again obliged to use optimally by dividing some of the results to do business in the financial sector, for example if you buy mutual funds or repay the purchase of gold. Up to this point you’ve started to build a ‘portfolio investment’ which is the accumulation of your investment real and the financial sector. This means that you have started to diversify the business. Thus your business failure risk factor becomes less and this means the potential of your assets any additions to be increased.

Successful to invest without money

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investment-in-relationshipHow to invest and become rich without money? You may say this is the business of selling dreams like a lively offered lately in cyberspace.

If you don’t have money as your investment capital, there is one thing for sure you have – and all people have – and that thing can be invested, that is your time.

Every human being has been given 24 hours each day. But many people often spend more of their time than investing it.

There are two ways you can do to invest your time: friendship and networking or improve themselves. If you are an employee, the job is not an investment, because the time that you used to work in is exchange for money. Or if you are prospecting a client for the company, you are not currently building a network, because your client is your company’s network.

For simplicity’s sake, if you build the network and the ability of self that have long-term impact in your life, then you’re investing. But if not, then you’re taking your time.

Investing in relationships
Invest in a network or relationship does not mean you spend your time with anyone you can find. Just as the principles of investing, you should see the potential in every relationship. Instead of picking who you be friends, but indeed you should consider this carefully.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point reveals about the people who called “the Connector or the Connector”. People of this type of expert in social relationships, they have the curiosity, confidence, social skills and a large network. The people that deserve this type you seek, so could be connections to many other potential.

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The new investment: Tour and Tourism

tourismTourism is something related to tourism, including objects and attractions and related business in that area. You can invest through a company that wants to expand their business and open up investment in their place. You can establish yourself or your company in collaboration with the government. Tourism businesses consist of:

Travel agency services namely tourism and business travel planning or management of tourism services.

Travel agency services namely brokerage business to sell or manage services for your tour.

Guide service that is a person who is responsible for providing guidance, information, and guidance on the object and attractions as well as everything necessary to help tourists. These businesses include commercial businesses with managing, coordinating, and provides a guide to provide labor services for a person or group of people who travel tours.

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Strategy to win the business competition

business-strategyAs an investor or entrepreneur, we want an investment or a successful business and establish. Sometimes these goals are inconsistent with what happens on the field. From thousands to hundreds of thousands of people in the world to engage in the field of investment or business may be only one-tenth that really can keep the business until now.

One of the many companies that unsuccessful is because of the entrepreneur is not prepared their company to faced the problems in the business competition. They have no power when bad situations occur.

Therefore, so this does not happen to investments or your business, it is necessary to do the survive strategy. What is the strategy? Here’s the answer

1. Specify Brand and Product Positioning. Keep your brand and positioning in accordance with the target market and can represent the characteristics of the goods produced. Brand accessories for children for example, the course should be able to represent the spirit and tastes of children.

2. Determine Location of Sales. Location is determined by the location of the prospective. Prospective buyers should easily reach the location of the sale so that marketing strategies can work well.

3. Prospective Buyers Approach With Introduction of Brand and Product Positioning. You can do this by following a kind of bazaar event, create a website or blog, distribute flyers, to create and publish advertisements in print and electronic media.

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The easiest way to form companies

company-formationThe most important thing to consider when someone wants to start a company is hiring the services of a company formation or registered office service to look into all process of registration. The process of registration is not too difficult to attain and for many reasons. For example, they have created a reputation for being effective and reliable. The other thing is that company formation services will be able to provide include; getting all your document and registration papers, legal document and memorandum, association articles and certificates of incorporation.

A registered company is an entities with a different individuality from those who own or control the company. The majority of the corporations in UK are limited liability companies which signify that the members is limited by shares. There are another business houses which are unlimited companies that denotes the members with unlimited liability. In order to form a corporation with one or more person required some legitimate reason by subscribe the owner name into memorandum of association legitimate with the legal requirements for incorporation. After register your business, continue with selecting a name for the business. The name must be unique and different from existing corporation name. You should consider the name that conveys the business type and registered office.

If you are looking for company registration, you can consider SFS. This company registration provide a full set of limited company documents with cheap prices started from £31.95 plus vat. They will give you not just a certificate of incorporation, but also full legal documents. There are no hidden charges and free activation. They will arrange a fast track business account for your new company.

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Who want to become a financial planner?

financial-planningWhether you want to become a financial planner (FP), or you need a FP to manage your finances, this article is very appropriate and useful to you. A financial planner is someone who uses the financial planning process to achieve client goals in life.

FP can see the big picture of your financial situation and make financial planning recommendations that are suitable for you. FP can see all your needs including budgeting and saving, tax planning, investments, insurance, and retirement. Also, financial planners may work for you on a single financial issue but still within the context of your overall financial situation. They are trained to focus on only certain areas in your financial life.

A FP should receive special education, so have the knowledge level sufficient to provide an objective consultation to clients, not just selling investment products. Communities also need to be informed so that they can distinguish between the actual financial planners and sellers of financial products that claim to be FP.

In many country, there is the Financial Planning Association (FPA) which provides basic standards of financial planners. People who open a financial planning services, are expected to have a certificate of financial planning profession, such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant). FPA issued a degree RFP (Registered Financial Planner) to local standards.

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Common myths about investments

investmentYou have done a lot of economic activity and now it is the right time for you to invest. But so far there are some myths about investments that are enough to make you hesitate to start the investment.

Here are some common myths:

• Investing is too risky
If you do not know what you are doing, investing can be extremely risky – such as driving without know how to drive, it can be dangerous too. Of course there is the possibility that you will lose money, but even if you do not invest there is a possibility you will still lose money – to coincide with inflation, which reduce the ability of your purchase. Understand and have a plan to get rid of fear that occurred due the investment.

• Broker or my adviser is able to help me choose a mutual fund
The choices are your mutual fund salesperson get paid a commission from the stocks that were sold, therefore it is more expensive then the funds are thus able to give them a better income. Furthermore, mutual fund shares is not the best investment choice for most investors, most of them is under the supervision and spending too much money.

• The bond market is for losers
Most investors lowered the size of the bond market, bond market is over and folding of the size of the stock market. Bonds are a vital part of portfolio investment and often provide remarkable benefits. The most recent credit crisis creates an extraordinary opportunity for investors to enter the bond markets as credit spreads. Bonds provide a fixed income as an opportunity for profit; do not demeaning the bond market.

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How to grow your business

business-growThere are many small business owners who have managed to increase revenue but most only work with only a few employees. Usually these small business owners apply the same marketing strategies premises big companies they even managed to create strategies that more unique. Here is some tips how to develop your small business into a large-scale business:

1. Be a strong leader in your industry. Become an expert in your field so that people will find you when they need solutions.

2. Have a loyal customer. If you have customers who love your product, they automatically will advertise your products to colleagues or members of their families. One of the easiest ways to quickly grow your business is to get additional sales through your existing customers.

3. Provide better service to every customer. Your small business is creating more personal relationships and provide a better service delivery.

4. Analysis your competitors. Take notes and write down 10 new ideas that you can use from each competitor. If you do this once a year, not only will you compete with your competitors while they are innovating and developing, but you will skip over them because many other people will not do this work, and a combination of new ideas will lead with new creative solutions for your customer.

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Important investment principles

investment-principalThis question is usually asked is “How to become a better investor?” There is only one secret of investing is make it simple. Some people might say that it’s easier to say than to do, but it is not the case. Only by following some investment principles that will be able to make your investment much more enjoyable and successful:

1. Identify your risk profile. How much risk you can take? Are you a conservative investor, or more aggressive? Do not overestimate your risk tolerance.

2. Low costs. Investment costs can spend a big piece of your profits, so it is important to consider your investment costs and seek out the ways to reduce them.

3. Investment Policy Agreement. You must have a written investment policy in order to help you maintain the investment. An agreement will determine the investment policies of your investment objectives, restrictions, when you buy and sell as well as your asset allocation. Consider it as your map to your destination, without it you will get lost.

4. Keeping your investment stay simple. Avoid investments that looks strange and you don’t understand. Follow the golden rule Buffet: investing in things that you understand.

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6 things you need to know in online business

online-business2The internet media right now is one strong factor why this business will be increasingly great demand, not only by the prospective entrepreneurs, but also the buyers.

However, it seems is incomplete when an article about online business just picked up the business types, without telling how to manage it. Hopefully you know how to run this business, your passion online business grew and eventually want to take part in it.

At least there are 6 things you need to know in order to your efforts in this area do not fail, and making a lot of money:

1. Type of Business. You need to determine in advance which type of business can bring in money. For example sell products, services, information, advertising or running other people’s products.

2. Commercial name. Make a site name (domain) that is not too long, easy to remember and reflect the business that you live. As a reference, look at a few sites that you think will be your competitors when doing business online.

3. Venue Hire. Many websites provide information on how to create, design, install websites on the internet, use it as your guide. From there also you will know whether to use paid Web or just use a blog as your market. Continue reading