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Benchmark in your career to increase productivity

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When we are still in its infancy, usually our parents will measure height and weight of us. This can measure how much the growth and how you can reach the future, which is usually the weight and height is almost the same as your mother or father. Size, and the calculation are the things to compare whether something increases or decreases, for the better or not. For people who are successful, we should have benchmarks as well.

Successful people will keep their score for the progress of an exciting, positive attitude, achievement of financial and whatever they want to measure as a success. How about you, whether you create a benchmark in your career?

When Mike Walsh at the High Performers International wanted to improve his achievement, he began to record not a number of applicants who obtained at the company but also the number of telephone communications that conducted the sales department, the amount of face to face meetings they organize, and the number of face to face meetings they managed to turn into registration and sales. As a result of recording numbers like that, Mike created the increase in revenues by 39% in just 6 months.

The recording is not only applicable in the business world, work, or sports, but also your everyday life. Vinod Khosla, founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems said that it feels good to know how to recharge your batteries. But the more important is to make sure that you actually do it. I monitor how many times I get home in time to have dinner with my family; my assistant to report the frequency each month. I have four children, from ages 7 to 11 years. Spending time with them is my driving force.

Measure your company’s priorities. People also need to measure their priorities. I spent about 50 hours per week for work, and I could easily work 100 hours. So I always make sure that at the end of my work, I got home just in time for dinner with my kids. Then I helped them with homework and playing games. My goal is to go home at dinner time at least 25 nights per month. Having a target number is the key. I know people in my business that have been lucky to be home for dinner 5 times per month. In my opinion, I am not less productive than they are.

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How to love your job

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Load of work which suppresses stress, conflict with co-workers, tasks pile up and many others must have often experienced by anyone who is planning a career in the world of work. But many also achieve remarkable success and endure for years with a myriad of accomplishments and praise from their superiors.

What’s the secret? Easy, remember and reflect on activities and things for a moment what the ancients as a child you do and make you happy. Whether playing marbles with friends in the village next door, playing kite until dawn, cool sweat bath in a muddy field kicking a ball, or play games. You also must remember the time goes so fast without being felt already for hours, and you still want to play again.

Indeed, if we love our work and pleased with what we do then we will be strong to work for long without feeling tired quickly, because it would feel like playing. But otherwise if we really do not like what we do, or even really hate our work, then we will feel forced.

Well, if you want to have a job that makes you happy, live the souls of children in loving what they love. Love and enjoy your work will give your work space and radiate into fragrant bloom. Aura of joy that radiates from you too will be a blessing to colleagues around you.

How to Achieve Job Promotion Opportunities

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Each employee and workers everywhere would expect a promotion. But many stories that tells them continuously for long periods of time for the same position. Robert Half International, a consulting firm and the employees in the United States give us special tips How to Achieve Job Promotion Opportunities that you are in a short list of candidates receiving the promotion.

Talking with the boss
Supervisors have a major influence in determining your chance to get a job promotion. Do not assume that he is aware of your desire to cultivate a career. Talk to your boss about your long-term plan. Your manager can identify opportunities that are open within the department, or elsewhere in the company. The Boss also have a more objective about your strengths and weaknesses with an honest assessment of what steps may be needed to occupy a new posit.

Improving skills
It is possible that your lack of skills or qualifications needed is not enough to fill higher positions. A promotion may require you to less directly involved or doing technical work, the opposite is more often managing people, overseeing the project, helping various groups reached a consensus, or negotiate with the vendor.

Expand your networking
Connected in the workplace has a double benefit. The most obvious one, you can learn the opportunities that is not previously aware. You can also meet someone who can provide insight into the work or the type of position. Most importantly, networking allows you to increase visibility within the company, increasing the likelihood of someone considering you while a position available.

Assess interest
The most important part to prepare for the campaign is to decide whether you really want it. Additional compensation or benefits on offer from a promotion is intrigued. However, you prepared with extra responsibilities which automatically attached?

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Determine whether the resignation is an option

The decision whether you should stay or leave a job, may not be measured by the scale of personal satisfaction. Conversely, practical things like finding another job and make ends meet, determine whether the resignation is an option.

Emilie Schaum, director of human resources in the marketing agency Lippe Taylor in New York, suggests asking these three questions to yourself to avoid bad situations:

1. Can I stop?
Do you have the financial resources to cover the cost of living, if it takes you longer to find the next job without the continued expense of your professional happiness? Although there may be other companies who are recruiting workers in a particular market sector, new opportunities may depend on your experience level and the amount of salary requested.

2. Do you do the proper research?
If you have done all the homework before accepting the offer of companies today, such as asking probing questions during the interview, check the company website, and do some fact-finding by talking to former or current employees of the company, what changed? You need to really understand this to ensure themselves are not stuck in the same situation again.

3. Is the situation really as bad as it seems?
Unless the situation is abuse or anything illegal or unethical, you may need to talk to the boss directly about the things that bothered. After that, you and your boss can find any solution. Discuss all your concerns with a trusted friend or family member whose appreciate your opinion.

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Work Productivity Bothered? Follow These Steps to Increase Productivity

Feel less productive lately? Perhaps the problem lies in your strategy in the works. Complete one extra job in a day by applying the following tips and tricks, and also steps to increase productivity:

Time settings
Find out your most productive time. Some people are more eager to work in the morning, while others can just focus your mind after eating lunch. Use a productive period for completing difficult tasks. Meanwhile, when you feel less alert, doing work that is not too demanding power of thought.

Minimization of interference
Everyone is getting interruptions that can disrupt productivity. For example, when the other fellow gossip, you can not help but join in. listened. Find ways to minimize such disruption. For example, by working while listening to music through headphones and gossiping at lunch time break. Thus, you can focus on tasks and completing projects on time.

Organizing the work
Take time to organize e-mail, coding piles by color folder, or just compile a list of things to do to facilitate your work. With well-organized system like that, you can avoid unnecessary stress.

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It’s better to avoid working overtime

Many people can not avoid it if the work is piling up, working overtime is the answer. But did you know that lack of sleep and work schedules are store a number of hidden dangers.

Disturbing thoughts and performance
Cutoff one hour of sleep a night may not seem like a big deal. But, ‘sleep debt’ can accumulate over time and cause problems with sleep. Even though you feel fine, sleep debt can interfere with thinking and performance significantly. This condition also can lower mood. When sleep debt causes memory and concentration problems, you will more easily make mistakes in the work.

Weight gain
Lack of sleep and weight are the two things are related. The scientists found that sleep deprivation can increase appetite by altering the behavior of hormones that regulate metabolism, such as leptin and ghrelin. As a result, people who sleep less may have more desire to eat food rich in calories and carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain.

Destructive relationships
Chronic sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, lethargy, and irritability. This condition can even cause depression. Mood swings may trigger a problem in your relationship. In a national survey in the United States, a total of 20 respondents said that they lost sexual desire because it is too sleepy. In addition, 14 percent said they had lost the use of family and work, as well as recreational activities, because of sleepiness.

Trigger high blood pressure
Too little sleep may cause high blood diseases. Normally, blood pressure decreases when people sleep. However, interrupted sleep can interfere with this process that triggers high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Developing diabetes
Lack of sleep impairs the ability of the body to use insulin, which can eventually lead to diabetes. One study found that people who have time to sleep less than six hours a day, are prone to abnormal blood sugar levels. Several hormones that regulate the body’s energy use is released during sleep. Too little sleep or interrupted sleep, can disturb this process.

Intelligent solutions for people to admit a mistakes

Usually, people always make mistakes. All positions in the work place ever do the mistakes. But the question is should you admit a mistake that has been done to the boss and how are the different way?

It is not easy to admit mistakes because it could give minus ratings on your integrity in the eyes of superiors. However, to hide mistakes is also an act of futile because it would eventually swell to the surface. So, how to save yourself from the situation?

Finding solutions
According to Angie Morgan, co-author the book entitled Leading from the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women, once you realized have made a mistake, then immediately seek a solution as a way out of the mess. Thus, your attitude and not hands-off responsibility for the mistakes made.

The longer you mute the issue, the greater the negative impact that may result. If you are aware of has made a fatal mistake, admit it to the boss which is probably the best option rather than letting the situation getting worse.

Your boss will appreciate if you dare to open and admit the mistakes immediately, so they can work together to find solutions to solve the problems posed.

Learning from mistakes
Not a few people are hesitant to admit mistakes because they do not want to be branded stupid and incompetent. In fact, according to Tavris, author of a book called Mistakes, people would dare to admit the mistakes does not see such mistakes as a reflection of their own character or ability.

In addition, Paul Fecella, CEO of consulting firm Inside Management believes, the ability to admit mistake also depends on the tolerance level of each individual. Can you sleep well at night while you know that you had made a mistake that is not recognized? The answer of course depends on yourself.

Working productivity is essential for every worker

Working productivity is essential for every worker. At the office, everyone is usually busy doing something on their desk. However, do not let bad condition affect your productivity. Therefore, many of them are busy and do not knows what they are doing.

Many things can be time-consuming us from doing something useful. Not a few people who leave early to work, and go home in the evening without doing anything really productive during working hours. The following are a number of causes:

1. Internet
Advances in technology can make people busy in front of the computer without doing anything useful. Experts calculate every times that when one server in the office are having problems, worker productivity soared as people are forced to do something useful besides surfing the internet, just to open up social networking sites, chat, or online shopping.

2. Hate job
Some people hate their jobs or feel uncomfortable with the work environment. For them, coming to the office is a burden but had no other choice and they still do it every day. Consequently, when in office they act lazy and do the job simply.

3. Weekend
Friday is the most unproductive day of the world, because almost people are busy preparing their weekend plans. Many people hurry to finish the job, or choose to set aside their work at all to be completed early next week. Who can concentrate on work if the holiday fun is tomorrow.

CV Sample for Dream Job

Other people can judge whether certain people are confidence enough or no is through the way when people speak, walk and others. When people already know the person, this is getting easier. It will be quite different when people never know the people even can not see the people. To know the character of the individual, there are some ways that people can do such as talking or asking particular questions.

This method is used for company to recruit the employee. When they never know the people, they can guess the characteristic and the personality through the curriculum vitae. For those who apply job frequently, they already accustom and aware about the important of cv in the process of getting the job. Company will see whether the people are qualified enough to the job through the cv in early process since the next step is holding interview.

If you have no idea about the good and appropriate way in making cv, it is important to visit because here people can find out good sample cv and cv. It seems simple but people can find out the great impact from it after experiencing it. This can help people in finding their dream job.

Back to hunting the great job

back-to-workAfter a long time absence from the work, now you want to re-active work professionally. But when will start the work, you are confused where to start. Working world situation is now very different from the situation of the world of work 5 years ago when you still active career. Here are tips that you can practice to begin active in the world of work:

The first one you should prepare is to write a CV to several companies that fit with your work experience in place previously. Attach working experience and skill of the job that you are competent. This will provide added value for you, if you apply in similar companies.

You can use the Internet to search for job information. Do not just stare at the job vacancies in newspapers. Even better if you have a lot of networking, you can simply ask your network of job information in accordance with your work experience. Based on fact, 55% of work is obtained from the information circulating in networking. You also can contact a professional recruiter to help you provide information on job openings that match your qualifications and experience.

You should begin to upgrade and adapt to the development of the working world today. Focus on areas that match your qualifications and experience. You can get a lot of developments in the field that you have ever wrestled on the internet, the latest published books, is active in the mailing list a specific career field or organization active in a particular career. By being in a supportive environment, the skill that has not sharpened will appear again and ready to be applied.