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Useful asset that generate income

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Useful asset that generate income

Have you ever tried to calculate how many assets in your home? But before you count, you need to know what could be the “asset” is. “Assets” could be interpreted as a treasure that you have today. What a treasure. Objects can be at home, cash, savings or investments that you have. So again, the asset is property that you have at the moment, whatever it is.

Well, after living for years, try to count, what are the assets that you’ve collected so far? Well, certainly there are a lot of things like mobile phone, cash, savings, time-deposit in private banks, furniture, car and perhaps even your own homes. Wow, not bad after years of work, there are many assets that you can also collect.

But the problem is that you should plan your business idea and consider how many of those assets that provide income to you? That is, how many of the assets you that give money and income for you and your family?

Let’s see: You are using your own mobile phone, motorcycles, cars, furniture in the house, computer at home, TV and radio tape. Cloth and shoes are using by yours. None of those assets provide income for you.

Cash will not give revenue for you. Your cash always stay in the closet and always take if you want to buy new clothes or shoes. Isn’t it?

To be honest, the only asset that provide income for you maybe just your deposit. It will give interest to you. Many of you may already feel ‘rich’ with your current circumstances. You can directly buy the goods you like such as new mobile phone, new clothes, new TV, new fitness equipment, new shoes, even a new motorcycle or new vehicle. In fact every friend you always tell that you have just bought it, you are buying bandwagon. Even worse when you come to the mall, you’d think: “What goods can I buy now? It was when I had the money, especially if your husband has higher income and it seems you are very rich.

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Benchmark in your career to increase productivity

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When we are still in its infancy, usually our parents will measure height and weight of us. This can measure how much the growth and how you can reach the future, which is usually the weight and height is almost the same as your mother or father. Size, and the calculation are the things to compare whether something increases or decreases, for the better or not. For people who are successful, we should have benchmarks as well.

Successful people will keep their score for the progress of an exciting, positive attitude, achievement of financial and whatever they want to measure as a success. How about you, whether you create a benchmark in your career?

When Mike Walsh at the High Performers International wanted to improve his achievement, he began to record not a number of applicants who obtained at the company but also the number of telephone communications that conducted the sales department, the amount of face to face meetings they organize, and the number of face to face meetings they managed to turn into registration and sales. As a result of recording numbers like that, Mike created the increase in revenues by 39% in just 6 months.

The recording is not only applicable in the business world, work, or sports, but also your everyday life. Vinod Khosla, founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems said that it feels good to know how to recharge your batteries. But the more important is to make sure that you actually do it. I monitor how many times I get home in time to have dinner with my family; my assistant to report the frequency each month. I have four children, from ages 7 to 11 years. Spending time with them is my driving force.

Measure your company’s priorities. People also need to measure their priorities. I spent about 50 hours per week for work, and I could easily work 100 hours. So I always make sure that at the end of my work, I got home just in time for dinner with my kids. Then I helped them with homework and playing games. My goal is to go home at dinner time at least 25 nights per month. Having a target number is the key. I know people in my business that have been lucky to be home for dinner 5 times per month. In my opinion, I am not less productive than they are.

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How to love your job

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Load of work which suppresses stress, conflict with co-workers, tasks pile up and many others must have often experienced by anyone who is planning a career in the world of work. But many also achieve remarkable success and endure for years with a myriad of accomplishments and praise from their superiors.

What’s the secret? Easy, remember and reflect on activities and things for a moment what the ancients as a child you do and make you happy. Whether playing marbles with friends in the village next door, playing kite until dawn, cool sweat bath in a muddy field kicking a ball, or play games. You also must remember the time goes so fast without being felt already for hours, and you still want to play again.

Indeed, if we love our work and pleased with what we do then we will be strong to work for long without feeling tired quickly, because it would feel like playing. But otherwise if we really do not like what we do, or even really hate our work, then we will feel forced.

Well, if you want to have a job that makes you happy, live the souls of children in loving what they love. Love and enjoy your work will give your work space and radiate into fragrant bloom. Aura of joy that radiates from you too will be a blessing to colleagues around you.

Determine whether the resignation is an option

The decision whether you should stay or leave a job, may not be measured by the scale of personal satisfaction. Conversely, practical things like finding another job and make ends meet, determine whether the resignation is an option.

Emilie Schaum, director of human resources in the marketing agency Lippe Taylor in New York, suggests asking these three questions to yourself to avoid bad situations:

1. Can I stop?
Do you have the financial resources to cover the cost of living, if it takes you longer to find the next job without the continued expense of your professional happiness? Although there may be other companies who are recruiting workers in a particular market sector, new opportunities may depend on your experience level and the amount of salary requested.

2. Do you do the proper research?
If you have done all the homework before accepting the offer of companies today, such as asking probing questions during the interview, check the company website, and do some fact-finding by talking to former or current employees of the company, what changed? You need to really understand this to ensure themselves are not stuck in the same situation again.

3. Is the situation really as bad as it seems?
Unless the situation is abuse or anything illegal or unethical, you may need to talk to the boss directly about the things that bothered. After that, you and your boss can find any solution. Discuss all your concerns with a trusted friend or family member whose appreciate your opinion.

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Work Productivity Bothered? Follow These Steps to Increase Productivity

Feel less productive lately? Perhaps the problem lies in your strategy in the works. Complete one extra job in a day by applying the following tips and tricks, and also steps to increase productivity:

Time settings
Find out your most productive time. Some people are more eager to work in the morning, while others can just focus your mind after eating lunch. Use a productive period for completing difficult tasks. Meanwhile, when you feel less alert, doing work that is not too demanding power of thought.

Minimization of interference
Everyone is getting interruptions that can disrupt productivity. For example, when the other fellow gossip, you can not help but join in. listened. Find ways to minimize such disruption. For example, by working while listening to music through headphones and gossiping at lunch time break. Thus, you can focus on tasks and completing projects on time.

Organizing the work
Take time to organize e-mail, coding piles by color folder, or just compile a list of things to do to facilitate your work. With well-organized system like that, you can avoid unnecessary stress.

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Follow These 5 Steps To Achieve Success

Follow These 5 Follow These 5 Steps To Achieve Success.

Have you ever wondered why some people are destined to a life full of success while others not? Success is not just about a person’s education level, but also the mindset which he applied. Successful people is not only behave differently, they also think differently.

Double Agenda
Ordinary people tend to interact by focusing only on their personal goals. Successful people, on the other hand, interacts with a focus not only on personal goals, but also with the purpose of others. That is why successful people can create better relationships and gather more support in almost everything they do.

Ordinary people always want everything goes as he wishes, whether in a board meeting until a family reunion. They become anxious to face the change and uncertainty. Meanwhile, successful people are more confident. They know that they will eventually be able to handle any situation that happen, and is not bound to play it according to certain scenarios. This makes them look more cool, fun, and exciting time hanging out.

Thinking back
In life, many people think about various issues and objectives, and think how their partner, boss, parent, or colleague can help them solve or achieve it. Conversely, successful people think of their partner, colleague, parent or boss and think of ways to help them.

Definition of success
Many people tend to see people around them as a helper or a hindrance. Meanwhile, successful people have different definitions of success. Others not only means for them to achieve the goal, but the goal itself. They want to create success for everyone.

The average person may spend their life with worry about things, or does anything go as they wish. This undercurrent of fear that creates an emotional wall between themselves and everyone they meet. On the other hand, successful people do not have a barrier like that. They do not interfere with the unspoken anxiety, so that they can live with all their heart and soul.

Research on business plan

business-plan2Another tips to get success on business plan include:

Covers the whole region
Do research on the business plan must be appropriate. A good beginning is a network of businesses and business plans. The part that should be covered covers: results / services, markets, competition, team management, marketing, operations and finance. You will also need a simple color chart and data tables for illustrating some of the region.

Perform calculations
The figures will be subject to be studied carefully. The prices must be documented in full and sales predictions should be conservative and realistic. When prices are more certain and predictable, a critical factor in business or failure in business will be the main level of sales. If you are not comfortable with math lesson, select a person to assist in preparing a simple cash flow and capital turning point graph. This will help the reader understand how many sales you must make to cover your price, and also how much financing that must be improved, and how much revenue should be raised successfully.

The most important component that is the weight in the summary execution of a plan. This is a summary of the entire plan and is usually placed at the beginning. It is also very useful for investors. For those investors if they like, they will continue to read it, if they do not like it, will they leave behind. This should be completed at the end of the business planning process and should have the ‘wow factor’ that entice them to read further. With this, the writer should also prepare a ‘top of the elevator’ quick five-minute overview of the benefits of new products.

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Successful Organizing Business Plan

business-planWriting a business plan is not just writing a proposal that can demonstrate a credible product idea. Here are some tips on how to make a successful business plan.

Understand your client
Starting point for a variety of business plans must be prepared on your client’s perspective. What is the purpose of the business plan? Is this to protect the funding, or to deliver future plans for the company? The writer should tailor the plan to the specific provisions of the client. Investors will look for explanations regarding the filing of investment and time frame in getting their money back.

Create a market review
Without market research, nothing will be able to run your business plan seriously. You must ensure that the business plan covers the reference on the size of the market, it predicts the development and how to gain access to the market. For example, a plan for the internet café will consider a population of about, the reach of the internet, predictions about whether it will rise or decline, including a review of competitors competing in the surrounding environment.

Learn your competitors carefully
One thing that should be surveyed in the study of business environment is a competitor. So, you need to think about how the incumbent to compete and whether there is the so-called price controls. Then you must enter the details of how you can compete effectively with existing competitors.

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CFD Trading

cfd-tradingHow do I take advantage of volatile financial markets?

One way to make money during times of volatility is to trade CFDs. CFD Trading, or Contract For Difference is an agreement to exchange the difference in value of a particular financial instrument say a stock index, between the time at which the contract opens and the time at which it closes.

There are many markets you can choose to trade on, but let’s focus on one for now.

FTSE 100 Index

The FTSE 100 is probably the best-known stock index in the UK. It’s used to bench mark UK blue-chip companies by market capitalisation. The FTSE 100 is maintained by the FTSE Group which is jointly owned by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange.

The companies that make up the FTSE 100 are calculated quarterly and represent roughly 81% of the market captilisation of the whole London Stock Exchange.

Recent market volatility – FTSE 100

A good, recent example of this would be Thursday 11 February. The FTSE started strongly and quickly gained over 50 points at mid-morning but by the time the Dow opened it would lose some 80 points.

On Thursday 11 February the FTSE opened at 5132.00, reaching a high of 5201.89 and a low of 5114.50 before rallying before the close and finishing up on the day at 5161.50.

There were a number of factors influencing investor sentiment on this day. Chief among them was the increasing uncertainty surrounding Greece’s debt problems. European leaders met in Brussels on this Thursday to discuss the problem, but it wasn’t until the afternoon that they announced that Greece will receive help from its European partners, hence the uncertainty and therefore the volatility.

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Spread betting

spread-bettingIs it sensible to trade the markets during volatile times and can I make money?

One way to take advantage of increased market volatility is via financial spread betting. Quite simply, when you spread bet you decide which way you think an instrument in the market will move.

The degree to which you are correct dictates how much you win or lose. There are many markets to choose from but let’s focus on one for now.


One of the most popular markets to spread bet on is indices. The UK’s FTSE 100; the US’s Dow Jones Industrial Average; and Japan’s Nikkei 225 are three of the most famous stock indices in the world.

Basically, a stock market index is a way of neatly collecting together the share prices of individual companies. For example, the FTSE 100 is a collection of share prices of the largest UK blue-chip companies which are in the index due to the size of their respective market capitalisation.

If a major index rises by, say 1%, this means that the collective value of shares within that index has risen.

Within each index companies are further broken down into their respective industries, with ‘Financials’, ‘Oil and Gas’ and ‘Health Care’ being three such examples.

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