The Advantages of Feedback In Career Improvement

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When you start acting, you will begin to receive feedback about the correctness of your actions. You will get the data, advice, assistance, advice, guidance, and even criticism that will help you to constantly adjust and move forward while continuing to strengthen the knowledge, skills, attitudes and relationships. But to get feedback before the beginning, then you must be willing to respond the feedback.

There are two kinds of feedback that you may receive – negative and positive. We tend to prefer the positive – that is, results, money, praise, raise, promotion, customer satisfaction, appreciation, happiness, inner peace, familiarity, and pleasure. That feels better. It tells us that we are in the right direction, that we are doing the right thing.

We tend not to like negative feedback – there is no result, no money, criticism, bad judgments, do not get a raise or promotion, grievances, unhappiness, inner conflict, loneliness, misery. Even so, the negative feedback has the advantage as great as the positive feedback. It tells us that we have been off track, heading in the wrong direction, and doing something wrong. It is also valuable information.

Negative feedback is very valuable, so we need to change our perception of this negative feedback. We can said as “opportunities for improvement”. With attention to any negative feedback, you can fix what goes wrong so that you can become a better person.

To achieve your goals more quickly, you need to welcome, accept, and embrace all the feedback coming towards you. What we need to do is start taking action and then respond to feedback. If we do it diligently and long enough, we will finally get to our ultimate goal and achieve our dreams.

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