How to love your job

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Load of work which suppresses stress, conflict with co-workers, tasks pile up and many others must have often experienced by anyone who is planning a career in the world of work. But many also achieve remarkable success and endure for years with a myriad of accomplishments and praise from their superiors.

What’s the secret? Easy, remember and reflect on activities and things for a moment what the ancients as a child you do and make you happy. Whether playing marbles with friends in the village next door, playing kite until dawn, cool sweat bath in a muddy field kicking a ball, or play games. You also must remember the time goes so fast without being felt already for hours, and you still want to play again.

Indeed, if we love our work and pleased with what we do then we will be strong to work for long without feeling tired quickly, because it would feel like playing. But otherwise if we really do not like what we do, or even really hate our work, then we will feel forced.

Well, if you want to have a job that makes you happy, live the souls of children in loving what they love. Love and enjoy your work will give your work space and radiate into fragrant bloom. Aura of joy that radiates from you too will be a blessing to colleagues around you.

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