It is important to learn to be more timely

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Often come late to the office? It’s time to change these bad habits and learn to be more timely. An important first step is to identify the cause you come too late. Thus, it will be easier to figure out what must be changed. There are many reasons that cause someone is too late. Here are some of the most common factors:

Sleep late
If you get too tired in the morning because it was sleep late nights, it’s good to go to bed early. Many people do not get enough sleep. In fact, lack of sleep can suck the happiness and your health. Enough sleep is really important for everyone.

Work overtime
Apparently, this is one of the common causes of delay. If you try to reply to an e-mail again, or make one more homework before going to bed, you’ll be tempted to finish other jobs so late to bed.

Never underestimate the time you need to reach the workplace. You might think it only takes one hour to travel to the office. In fact, if calculated with a traffic jam, schedule an indeterminate public transportation, vehicles breaking down or a flat tire and other unforeseen events, travel time increases automatically.

Finding lost objects
Keys, wallet, phone or glasses stuck somewhere when you want to go to the office, can make the trip be delayed until you arrive too late. To fix this, define a special place to store important items you need. For example, in a drawer or cabinet. Restore the objects fit into place each time after

ating the workplace
If you feel sick of the job and the office situation, I wonder if you want to delay as long as possible to show up there. This is a clear signal that you need to think about making major life changes.

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