Renault’s to be Used for Celebrities

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I actually think that using these Renault’s are a good idea in transporting celebrities to the red carpet. Beggers can’t be choosers, and I believe that it is time to change up to something new other than the Prius. It made the list but they are still not 100% sure about what car and assurance auto they may choose. This is just listed as one of their choices. Whatever decision they choose, it really doesn’t matter to me, because they are the ones that are riding in it. I just think that this car is a really good choice for them to transport the celebrities back and forth to, but am not against their final pick.

Electric cars are mainly what is in now, for the many that can afford them. If you want to use it as a transporter, think of it as just saving gas. Celebrities, that care about what car they want to be seen in, should vote on it. Otherwise if they do not like the choice that they pick, they can always choose to be picked up in whatever they want. They have the money, and they are rich, so they do not have to settle for what the may look at as “less.”

Not only is this car great, but it is stylish as well. I wouldn’t mind being seen in the car, or better yet driving around in it. It has style, and class. I think that they should keep the car on their A-list, and still consider it when time comes to make a final decision. But as I stated before, whatever their final decision, I won’t be against it, because it will always serve them a good purpose.