The steps to reach the top career

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careersAll of us, of course want to succeed by reaching the top rung of each profession, but why sometimes the journey is hampered? Find out the answers and learn the tricks.

Too seriously devote more attention to those who excel or have the X factor that causes other people ahead will make us frustrated and think of work that was involved is impossible to give a success.

Leave that kind of thinking and follow these 7 following skills will take us up the top of the career ladder.

1. The ability of speaking
The ability to speak with diverse individuals is an absolute demand for success.

For example, eye contact in a friendly, rich vocabulary and the ability to customize the language we use with the speaker also hold the role.

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So, practice to speak politely to anyone that we encounter in everyday life or join a discussion group to hone debating skills.

Rewards are we going to get is more proficient in a variety of social situations, expert build a network of success, assist in working in a private group.

2. Show good attitude
A good leader has a firm stance and has always shown this attitude every time he is faced with problems that require it to make a decision.

Whatever decision is made it will cause the pros and cons. But remember, the decision-making process will bring us closer to the ability to solve the given challenge.

The key, make sure that the decisions we take are carefully thought out and there is no reason that accompany it.

3. Accountability
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Achieve a satisfying career by improving professional skills

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running-manAlready satisfied are you with the position occupied? The key is to achieve a satisfying career by improving professional skills.

One key to a successful career is to never allow ourselves to stagnate. You must have the motivation and confidence to go forward. However, not only motivation, you also must have adequate skills. This not only silenced just like that, you have to set up and improve your ability to effectively. Upgrade the ability or skill will open up greater opportunities to reach their peak, also will keep you frozen out due to competition in the office.

The point is, do not easily satisfied and look for ways to improve the quality of professionalism. No one will enjoy the results other than myself, really. Well, here are some tricks to upgrade your skills:

1. Assess yourself

Before you go any further, you should start by assessing the performance of self. Assessment should be objective and realistic. If you feel your performance is not maximized, judge like that. Take the paper, then write down the points whatever task you face in office. Then, ask yourself, how much can handle these points.

For example, if you’re an IT supervisor, ask how quickly you were able to follow the development of technologies that exist today? Ask also if you enjoy those tasks. This short list will help you gain an overall picture of your own performance. Having obtained an overall picture, you can decide which aspects you have mastered, and which aspects which need to be improved.

2. Keep learning

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CFD Trading

cfd-tradingHow do I take advantage of volatile financial markets?

One way to make money during times of volatility is to trade CFDs. CFD Trading, or Contract For Difference is an agreement to exchange the difference in value of a particular financial instrument say a stock index, between the time at which the contract opens and the time at which it closes.

There are many markets you can choose to trade on, but let’s focus on one for now.

FTSE 100 Index

The FTSE 100 is probably the best-known stock index in the UK. It’s used to bench mark UK blue-chip companies by market capitalisation. The FTSE 100 is maintained by the FTSE Group which is jointly owned by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange.

The companies that make up the FTSE 100 are calculated quarterly and represent roughly 81% of the market captilisation of the whole London Stock Exchange.

Recent market volatility – FTSE 100

A good, recent example of this would be Thursday 11 February. The FTSE started strongly and quickly gained over 50 points at mid-morning but by the time the Dow opened it would lose some 80 points.

On Thursday 11 February the FTSE opened at 5132.00, reaching a high of 5201.89 and a low of 5114.50 before rallying before the close and finishing up on the day at 5161.50.

There were a number of factors influencing investor sentiment on this day. Chief among them was the increasing uncertainty surrounding Greece’s debt problems. European leaders met in Brussels on this Thursday to discuss the problem, but it wasn’t until the afternoon that they announced that Greece will receive help from its European partners, hence the uncertainty and therefore the volatility.

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Spread betting

spread-bettingIs it sensible to trade the markets during volatile times and can I make money?

One way to take advantage of increased market volatility is via financial spread betting. Quite simply, when you spread bet you decide which way you think an instrument in the market will move.

The degree to which you are correct dictates how much you win or lose. There are many markets to choose from but let’s focus on one for now.


One of the most popular markets to spread bet on is indices. The UK’s FTSE 100; the US’s Dow Jones Industrial Average; and Japan’s Nikkei 225 are three of the most famous stock indices in the world.

Basically, a stock market index is a way of neatly collecting together the share prices of individual companies. For example, the FTSE 100 is a collection of share prices of the largest UK blue-chip companies which are in the index due to the size of their respective market capitalisation.

If a major index rises by, say 1%, this means that the collective value of shares within that index has risen.

Within each index companies are further broken down into their respective industries, with ‘Financials’, ‘Oil and Gas’ and ‘Health Care’ being three such examples.

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