Successful to invest without money

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investment-in-relationshipHow to invest and become rich without money? You may say this is the business of selling dreams like a lively offered lately in cyberspace.

If you don’t have money as your investment capital, there is one thing for sure you have – and all people have – and that thing can be invested, that is your time.

Every human being has been given 24 hours each day. But many people often spend more of their time than investing it.

There are two ways you can do to invest your time: friendship and networking or improve themselves. If you are an employee, the job is not an investment, because the time that you used to work in is exchange for money. Or if you are prospecting a client for the company, you are not currently building a network, because your client is your company’s network.

For simplicity’s sake, if you build the network and the ability of self that have long-term impact in your life, then you’re investing. But if not, then you’re taking your time.

Investing in relationships
Invest in a network or relationship does not mean you spend your time with anyone you can find. Just as the principles of investing, you should see the potential in every relationship. Instead of picking who you be friends, but indeed you should consider this carefully.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point reveals about the people who called “the Connector or the Connector”. People of this type of expert in social relationships, they have the curiosity, confidence, social skills and a large network. The people that deserve this type you seek, so could be connections to many other potential.

Self development
The second thing which you should invest your time is self development and improve your self. You can start to recognize what part of your life that you want to develop. Maybe it’s your talents, your confidence, or your spirituality. You can do this by reading books, browsing the Internet about the topic that you develop, or listen to motivational tapes or the like.

With two of the above, then you’ll find your diamond fields where you will reap your investment. So do not give up if you do not have money to invest, start from the two things above.

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