Achieve your dream jobs

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dream-jobsEveryone must have a dream job. Maybe dream of becoming a successful manager, or ever dream to becoming famous artist? Anything! Getting a dream job is not as easy as we can imagined. It takes hard work and efforts to reach them. Well, consider the following reviews, that could be a positive feedback for you.

1. Find people who live in your dreams

If you aspire to be a radio announcer, for example, start to become a devoted fan. This can further motivate you and continue with the start visited several radio stations and meet the announcer. From there you must obtain a new insight into the world of broadcasting. If possible you can even get tips and tricks, how to pass the selection recruitment broadcaster. This is the first step for you.

2. Know your skills

Answer the following questions, whether your dream job that requires more expertise than you have been? Do you need experience required other than your current job? What do you want? What do you need? After finding the answer, immediately fill the needs and cover your weaknesses. To determine the next steps, follow the advice of people you know on the first step before

3. Have the widest network

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With many relation, there is more source for getting closer to your dream job.

4. Make specific

Make sure you target the right environment for such a great job in a company that could be just a simple jobs in other companies. For example a recruiter at a large recruitment company hired with salaries far higher than the usual corporate recruiter.

5. Make a schedule and follow

Do not use words that are not excited, ‘like a time’ or ‘immediately’ behind the plan you’ve written. But write “Within 3 months, I will continue on the next step”. Time could be due where you gather information about a dream job, develop networks, and so on. Without a solid plan and commitment, your dreams will not be achieved.

6. Prepare alternative

For example, after examining the work, you find that dream job is not as interesting as you might imagine, for example, you do not want to work 12 hours a day, then immediately look for a backup plan. Are there other careers that offer the same pleasure? Can you compromise just to be manager of the artist than the artist?

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