Achieve your dream jobs

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dream-jobsEveryone must have a dream job. Maybe dream of becoming a successful manager, or ever dream to becoming famous artist? Anything! Getting a dream job is not as easy as we can imagined. It takes hard work and efforts to reach them. Well, consider the following reviews, that could be a positive feedback for you.

1. Find people who live in your dreams

If you aspire to be a radio announcer, for example, start to become a devoted fan. This can further motivate you and continue with the start visited several radio stations and meet the announcer. From there you must obtain a new insight into the world of broadcasting. If possible you can even get tips and tricks, how to pass the selection recruitment broadcaster. This is the first step for you.

2. Know your skills

Answer the following questions, whether your dream job that requires more expertise than you have been? Do you need experience required other than your current job? What do you want? What do you need? After finding the answer, immediately fill the needs and cover your weaknesses. To determine the next steps, follow the advice of people you know on the first step before

3. Have the widest network

With many relation, there is more source for getting closer to your dream job.

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Important investment principles

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investment-principalThis question is usually asked is “How to become a better investor?” There is only one secret of investing is make it simple. Some people might say that it’s easier to say than to do, but it is not the case. Only by following some investment principles that will be able to make your investment much more enjoyable and successful:

1. Identify your risk profile. How much risk you can take? Are you a conservative investor, or more aggressive? Do not overestimate your risk tolerance.

2. Low costs. Investment costs can spend a big piece of your profits, so it is important to consider your investment costs and seek out the ways to reduce them.

3. Investment Policy Agreement. You must have a written investment policy in order to help you maintain the investment. An agreement will determine the investment policies of your investment objectives, restrictions, when you buy and sell as well as your asset allocation. Consider it as your map to your destination, without it you will get lost.

4. Keeping your investment stay simple. Avoid investments that looks strange and you don’t understand. Follow the golden rule Buffet: investing in things that you understand.

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How to know the type of jobs advertisements

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career_adsThere are several types of jobs vacancy that you often encounter in the various advertising media. This will determine what strategies you should prepare to deal with it. Here are tips to know type of job advertisements.

1. Type of Application Form.

These types include the type of conventional and most widely used in the process of new employees recruitment.

Important: You just noticed that the requirements requested, to whom an application letter addressed (Human Resources or Director), deadline for the delivery and packaging is attractive for an application so that interested companies to call you.

2. Type of Walk-In Interview.

This type usually use for hiring in the field of marketing / front-liners and is usually held in the board room five-star hotel or a job-fair.

Important: You need to prepare yourself properly to face the interview phase (neat, formal clothes, hair well-ordered, fragrant, not too much) and bring support files such as letter of application, CV and certificates. Usually you will be asked about the salary requested and if accepted, tomorrow you’ve got to start working.

3. Type of Phone Interview.

Jobs of this type are used by companies who need employees in a short time. You simply call the phone number listed on the ad and you will be interviewed. If appropriate you will be called through the next stage. Continue reading

10 Character of the winners and the losers

winner-loserHere is 10 Character of the winners and the losers:

1. When the winner made a mistake he said: “I was wrong!”
When the loser made a mistake he said, “this is not
my fault! ”

2. Winner said, “I was good, but I could be better!”
Losers say, “I’m not as bad as anyone else!”

3. Winners try to learn from each one better than him.
Losers always try to knock other people in various ways.

4. Winner said, “let me do this for you!”
Losers say, “it’s not my job!”

5. Winner said, “there must be a better way to do it!”
Losers say, “that’s usually done here!”

6. Winner said, “is difficult but possible!”
Losers say, “this is possible but very difficult to do!”

7. Winners always have plans.
Losers always look for reasons.

8. Winners have commitments.
Losers only promise-a promise only.

9. Winners are always part of the answer.
Losers always be a part of the problem.

10. Winner thoroughly solve the problem.
Losers always thorough and never solve the problem.

Source: Professional Jobs Search

Easy bail financial arrangements and write the bond

bail-outA bail bond company will help and provide up to 90% of the bail amount against collateral that has to be prepared by the defendant. This allows the defendant back to his life, and concentrate on defending in court and be out of custody.

When the bail bond company signs a contract with the court, the person will have attend in court as long as the judge wants to. They who co-signs the bail bond have to pay full bail amount in case the defendant flees and this person would be eligible for the cost that incurred to bring back the defendant to trial.

In case flees and a fugitive skips bail, the bail bond company may hand it over to a bounty hunter. This is not easy situation for both the defendant and their friends or relatives who have signed the bail bond. After the bail bond is signed, there is personal information about the defendant and can be used to track him/her down.
Bounty hunters can break doors to arrest a fugitive and cross state limits. As they are considered to be agents of the court, they are restricted with a few laws.

A bail bond company will charge you a 10% for the commission on full bail amount. Another expense will occurred directly in link to the transaction. Absolute Bail Bonds company is california bail company that treat their clients with respect. They strive to inform and educate all parties and give clearly explaining all responsibilities stated in their contract. They realize about difficult situation and will make it as easy as possible. They are also provide each of their valued clients with confidential, fast and courteous service. They believe in the right to bail and that a person is innocent until proven guilty and has speedy trial and the right to a fair to be represented by an attorney.

Time management, the key to reach your goal

time-managementTime Is Money. But really how many among us who can really use our time well? Actually, if you want to organize your life and make it fun, for starters you need is to manage your time. Without question, effective time management is fundamental to the scope of the various areas of life. In fact, often there is a difference between real life and achievements, though busy, never to the point.

Not surprisingly, the industry overall timing is a necessity. But if you look deeper, you will be able to see that the timing is not far different from self-management. Because in fact, you can not set the time, but you can manage yourself and what you do in every opportunity.

Most experts agree that success is the result of habit. Therefore, the first step is to facilitate how you using the time, which starts with your habits (self control). And this habit started as a conscious decision-making.

Once you can, so this a good habit to be a natural thing. In many cases, success is not generated from an unusual thing, but more as a result of a person’s ability to ‘master the mundane’. By consistently showing all important task that has not been perfect, over time this activity will turn into big achievement.  These are a few simple rules to follow to set a better time:

– Do Putting. Do it now. When people put things off, it means killing momentum as the achievement of this goal and hinder future opportunities because of the blocked time. The way to prevent the delay is to set deadlines for goals that must be achieved. Avoid delays in bringing the last deadline set goals as an intermediary to reach the same level after level to that destination.

– Keep track of your activity. Memory is a poor guide, if these relate to specify how you spend your time. The best way to record your activities throughout the day is to record what you do. Most people will find that they have three hours in each day that could be used for more constructive things or efficient action.  Reduce the time you spend on the phone, flipping through magazines or surf the web that has no result, and limit the activities that is not important.

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6 things you need to know in online business

online-business2The internet media right now is one strong factor why this business will be increasingly great demand, not only by the prospective entrepreneurs, but also the buyers.

However, it seems is incomplete when an article about online business just picked up the business types, without telling how to manage it. Hopefully you know how to run this business, your passion online business grew and eventually want to take part in it.

At least there are 6 things you need to know in order to your efforts in this area do not fail, and making a lot of money:

1. Type of Business. You need to determine in advance which type of business can bring in money. For example sell products, services, information, advertising or running other people’s products.

2. Commercial name. Make a site name (domain) that is not too long, easy to remember and reflect the business that you live. As a reference, look at a few sites that you think will be your competitors when doing business online.

3. Venue Hire. Many websites provide information on how to create, design, install websites on the internet, use it as your guide. From there also you will know whether to use paid Web or just use a blog as your market. Continue reading

Jobs at leading diversified resources company

bhp-billitonBHP Billiton is the world s largest diversified resources company and with 38,000 employees working more than 100 operations in approximately 25 countries. BHP Billiton take the commitment to the communities in which we operate and do business in very seriously, and they are committed to operating safely and sustainable.  Currently they are looking for qualified person to join the team to fill the following positions for its operations.

Senior Contract & Procurement Supervisor
Reporting to Finance Controller, this position will be accountable for develop, implement, standardize and improve our end to end contract management & procurement processes and systems.
Responsibilities include providing high quality services as well as technical advice to user departments in developing and negotiating contracts and service arrangements ensuring that annual performance objectives are achieved within approved operating budgets and high compliance with our polices, business code of conduct and any other related regulations. Continue reading

Jobs at Market Leader in Financial Business

commonwealth-bankCommonwealth Bank has been serving its customers for over 90 years, providing integrated financial services for retail businesses, super-annuation, commercial/institutional, fund management, life insurance, (the market leader in this business), brokerage service and other financial services. Currently we are looking for young, dynamic, self-motivated and dedicated person to join our team to fill the following positions for its expanding banking operation

HR Operation Staff (report to HR Operation Manager)
Key Responsibilities:

  • Handling staff loan application process :
    – Do check list for staff loan application, verified the approval form and make sure the entire supporting documents for staff loan are complete,
    – Coordinate with others Bank in order to take over loan for new employee,
    – Coordinate with credit operation & documentation unit for staff loan application process,
    – Responsible for staff loan conversion (staff loan become consumer loan),
    – Handling any others issues related with staff loan.
  • Handling medical claim reimbursement,
  • Handling Daily Cash Allowance payment for business trip or training,
  • Handling medical insurance payment and report, and others in related with Insurance,
  • Handling staff correspondence to the third party, such as provide reference letter for passport application, visa application, working statement letter for other bank and for training purposes,
  • Handling staff resignation documentation, such as collecting all exit forms, collecting ID Card and medical card insurance; coordinate with IT for access deletion, etc,
  • Assisting payroll process administration, such as collecting time sheet from driver, checking the calculation of driver’s overtime & daily attendance, preparing list of staff holiday allowance payment, preparing list of staff weekend allowance payment, parking registration and cancellation, others,
  • Other administration duties

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Search and get jobs quickly

jobsWhen you are looking for jobs you have to know what you want to do for a career. If you are fresh graduate or just burnt out of the job that you are currently in, you may want to thinking about this. You only have to make a choice. You want to stay in the area that you are currently in, but just in a different area, or something totally different.

If you are a designer or an architect and you have just had enough of seeing the new thing day in and day out but you still looking for fresh idea for your career. With this career you would be able to stay in the creative field, but you would be hunting down and explore something new out there and meet people to make new idea.

There are many site which helps in search it jobs and you can find the sites that makes your jobs search quickly, simple and convenient. is one of resource for IT professionals seeking career opportunities. Their goal is to match high-quality employers with experienced candidates. The most important things to prepare for your job search is write your resume, references and cover letter. Make sure that you have a basic resume, so it can be change as needed when the time comes for certain job opportunities. On, you only have to complete online easy form, post a job, submit your resume and get job quickly.

Computer Jobs Finder receives more than 100,000 visitors per month from IT candidate. They offer employers comprehensive and easy-to-use online tools to manage job postings, candidate searches, employer profile and account information at any time.