Jobs at Leading Natural Gas Company

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qatargasOur Company is looking for exciting people and opportunities available for qualified professionals to join our company in the development of the vast North Field in Qatar. We are currently has under development over $20 billion worth of major projects, including the construction of four new Liquefied Natural Gas trains for the production and export of LNG to every corner of the globe.

Head of Transport Services

  • Plans, controls and allocates the work of the staff and contract drivers.
  • Arranges for repairs and servicing of vehicles.
  • Keeps records for registration, insurance and accident reports.
  • Supervises regular and shift bus services and arranges special trips.
  • Monitors the shuttle bus service.
  • Monitors the safe working condition of the petrol station and garage.
  • Inspection of second hand vehicles for employee applying for company car loan.

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Temporary Car Insurance is Beneficial Depending on the Situation

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car-insuranceSome people, especially young drivers and the elderly, drive only a few times. They mostly stay indoors and just let hours pass off the road. Well, to them, getting annual car insurance would just be a waste of those precious dollars. What¡¯s the sense of having a year¡¯s protection when you won¡¯t even use it that often? It¡¯s just impractical. Good thing, there came temporary car insurance.

Car insurance companies issue temporary car insurance. These function just like annual but in a shorter span of time. In temporary insurance, you can actually choose from 1 to usually 28 days of activated insurance. If you will do some car insurance comparison with the rate per day of annual and temporary, temporary would result into a considerably higher daily rate. But then, if you are not a regular driver and just use the car on rare occasions, then it would be more worth it to purchase the temporary car insurance whenever you want to hit the road as you pay only for the time span when you are outside the house.

A good thing about this is that it is renewable with very short time intervals. Thus, you can have a more convenient life if you choose to insure your car with this kind of coverage.

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Jobs at Leading IT Company

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metrodataWe are as an Indonesian leading IT company, we believes that a solid and customer satisfaction oriented team is a way to achieve ultimate success. To fulfill that commitment, we are now looking for high commitment professional, to explore and be part of the team as:

Reporting to HRBP Manager, major accountability for this position includes as coordinator of operational team, as an HR consultant of all employees and organizational problems related with the area handled. He/She also has to be a creative and highly motivated people to be proactive in proposing the better and readjustment of organization if needed.

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Career Development Guidelines

career-dev-cycle2Check out some guidelines and tips on career development that might be following you tuck in your mind while trying to climb the career ladder for reaching a career peak.

Work not a meritocracy
Remember that life is not entirely fair. Because not everyone is capable of skills must be at the top. Sometimes there are some people who rose quickly to a higher position not because of their ability. Perception is reality in business, in this case, the way you carry yourself, take action and political skills that you mastered as important as what you actually achieve.

Be professional
One of the best ways to become a manager is to act as if you are a manager. But that does not mean you are entitled to govern others or manage them. This is all entirely about how you try to be more confident, proud of myself and always try to give the best and 100%. Be happy to make tough decisions and show real commitment.

Take advantage of network
utilizing the network or the network is another key you can use. For example, if you want to go into a particular role, find out the people important in the organization or company that later built a good relationship with them. Begin by showing your interest and attraction and show respect to him.

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Jobs at Leading International Health Care

internationalsos2Our Company is the world’s leading provider of medical assistance, international health care, security services and outsourced customer care. The company was founded in Indonesia in 1984 and now employs over 4,000 people worldwide, with offices in over 65 countries. The company is aiming to accelerate the growth of the business across Indonesia. The company is aiming to accelerate the growth of the business across Indonesia. We are now seeking for quality people and dynamic new talent to join our company in the following role:

Nurse/ Paramedic

* Graduated from nursing academy
* Good written and spoken English
* Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
* Have high standard of professionalism
* Strong work ethic demonstrated by behavior and appearance
* Eager to give the best services for your patient
* Mature and pleasant personality with a strong personal drive
* Willingness to be assigned to any of International SOS remote location all over Indonesia and abroad

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How to Be More Creative in SEO

seoWe continue to hear about keywords being a major target for search engine optimisation. After all, how is the search engine going to find what is relevant on our site if we cannot supply the right keywords? Google sees 9.2 billion search queries or more in a month. Imagine how many people those queries bring to your site. You add to the keywords things like links, blogs, forums, and other multimedia options and you have to wonder how you can be more creative in SEO to gain consumers.

Already you have some pretty creative means, but it is not just about the means to create something; it is how you use it. In your blog it is more important to create something that will be viral or from viral content and make it relevant to your site over creating something completely new. The way to be more creative in your search engine optimisation is to use what you have available in different ways.

One person may see a costume and then someone else copies it. Instead stay original- come up with an idea no one else will have, even if it is a spin off of something created before. The reason viral content works is because it is good enough to add an opinion or new spin to. It is also desired by the masses. Holidays are the easiest times to get creative, no matter what you sell on your site. So use holidays to your advantage to get creative.

10 Successful Tips for Long-Term Investment

investmentEvery person who invests must be objective so that he can be successful and what he has invested continues to grow and develop. However, not a few of them who take a part in the investment eventually could only feel that success in a short time. Therefore, this time investment this article will give you how you can successfully invest in the long term.

1. Sell the investment down and let the good continue running. This is very important especially for them that currently are being confused choose which parts of your investments should be “removed”.

2. Do not chase “Tips from other people”. Although there are relatives, friends, your family who volunteered to assist you in investing in ways to give these tips, you do not immediately accept it. This does not mean you become someone who does not need other people. What is meant here is that you should find yourself the purpose of the investment currently being undertaken. You are the owner, not someone else.

3. Do not spend too much energy for something that is not too important. When you focus on one or some thing does not have a big impact with the investment being undertaken today, then you will grow tired and the effect it is important to your investment so do not maximal.

4. Do not based on the price-earnings ratio. In general, investors are too laud price-earnings ratio (price-earnings ratio). So when the price-earnings ratio of small means you are not safe stocks. Price-earnings ratio is only one tool of many other tools to determine whether or not a good investment that you’re holding is. (more precisely these tips aimed at investors who move in the field of stock / securities).

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Jobs at Leading International Bank

bocOur Company is a leading International Bank with Head Office in Beijing, China, and now we are looking for competence and qualified person who are able to work independently, for the following positions:

Specific Requirements:

* Minimum 2 years’ working experience in Banks as Customer Service
* Nice personality and good appearance
* Fluent in Mandarin (both oral & written)

Specific Requirements:

* Min 5 years working experience in Banking as Head Teller
* Have ability to lead a team
* Strong communication and customer relationship skills
* Nice personality and good appearance
* Fluent in Mandarin is preferable

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How to Have Stress Free Moving

imageThe excitement of relocating from one house to another can be overshadowed by the anticipation of stress that comes with moving. But if you were to have a proper game plan as far as the moving process is concerned, you will find yourself actually looking forward to moving day.

Preparation is the key for a smooth and stress-free move and this can begin when you gather up your items and start packing them weeks before your moving date. Set aside a few hours each day to packing your items in boxes as you go room by room.

Keep a daily planner close by and document the days that you would be packing and also make a note of the rooms that you would be working on as well. Once you have created this work schedule, try to stick with it as much as possible, even if you have to get a few friends to help you reach your goal. Keep a log of which friend is doing which room and have them make a list of the items that are in each room as well as this would assist in locating your items per room when you get to the new home.

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Working With Your Heart

business-woman-standing-in-front-of-menThere are people who work with intelligence and knowledge (head), some are relying on connections. But all is not guarantee that they can enjoy their work, until they worked with (hearts). In addition to enjoying the work, working with all your heart the result will be maximized. When we work with heart, we will be more powerful. Our minds will become sharper, so that would be more productive than working without a heart. The impetus that drives careful thought, will and our actions.

How to work with the heart? Begin by following these five steps:

1. Set goals in your heart.
Many objectives can be found at work, perhaps to gain money, experience, position or prestige, and some other purposes. But in a tight business competition and in the midst of difficulties due to various crises, those who work driven by noble goals which were born of conscience, often survive and succeed.

2. Find satisfaction in the heart.
Financial satisfaction, career satisfaction and other gratifications physical, to have no end, so often makes people forget themselves and get stuck in a business distortions that ultimately led to major problems. Search moral satisfaction or keeping one’s heart will do the ways of right and secure in doing business. Continue reading