Business Idea and Business Success

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entrepreneur2In 2005, Neil Moodley was still working as part of marketing a software company in Southampton. He got an idea that he said was original and brilliant.

“We’re trying to build a business where people will want to buy our software, but it is not easy,” says Neil (36). Then, with determination and also the idea, Neil realizing the business idea of a financial website become a reality and hope that some companies will want to use the product because he thought a better product than its competitors.

Great idea indeed, but in wrong time, that’s what Neil experienced. Approximately four months later, after investing the money of about $ 2,500 and provides hundreds of hours to make a prototype, Neil must face the fact that Google also launched a new feature that is very similar to his product, Google Finance.

“I saw it and realized how similar to my idea,” said Neil.
According to Toby Stuart, a professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, it is often experienced by those who would start a small business. They were too high expectations for their ideas that they considered “original.” Basically, if you think of an idea, there may be other people who think the same thing.

The first question you must ask yourself when they want to realize a business idea is: Does this idea have the power to sell? That is, if the product is urgently needed so that there are people who will buy it over the price of your production.
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Get best insurance with free auto quotes

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insurance_quoteFree auto insurance quotes available on the net serve to be the most effective way to get a rate for the auto insurance policy and surely the nicest way for comparing prices of different insurance companies. The advantages to compare these auto insurance quotes are that you can easily compare the quotes from huge amount of companies, with the result of ending up with the most affordable insurance plan for your needs.

The auto insurance quote form available on the net is really simple to fill with some information entered on its own when you give the model, make and year of the auto you own. The database has been filled with security and safety measures that come to be a standard for the year and model so that the selected insurance provider can take the details into account and calculate the best possible premium price. This simple means that it will offer you the credit for additional features which you have installed on your own.

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Tips to Manage Cash Flow for Freelancer

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freelanceThere are some people don’t want to work in a company with the status of permanent employees. For this group of people like to be employed or freelancers is a good choice. In addition to be free from routine and formality, they can manage the system and strategies of their own work. However, therea also benefits and disadvantages.

If you become a freelancer then your income can not determine both in terms of number and order acceptance. However, this is actually the art work as freelancers. Want to know how to manage cash flow freelancer? Check out the tips below:

1. Make a routine. Being a freelancer status, don’t mean acceptance of your finances become routine. One way is to get a job as a worker in the office. You will receive your salary from doing the business. However, acceptance that you can from the project or business is being done not spent all. Allocate a certain amount of money to build a side business or investing. Strengthen
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Jobs at Global Leader Power Generation

alstom_logoALSTOM Power is a global leader in power generation and rail transport.   Due our expansion, The Group employees more than 65,000 people in over 70 countries. PT ALSTOM Power Energy Systems, being part of ALSTOM Power, is now seeking highly qualified professionals who can work in team and willing to be stationed in Jakarta office to fill the position of:

Key Accountabilities :
Provide technical assistance to proposal Engineer, Proposal Senior Engineer, to develop a technical proposal and sales to create and or develop a project with under limited direction.

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Jobs at World Leading Electric Industries

schneiderOur company is the world leader in electricity and automation management.  Recently, it is a great place for top talents, ready to cross all frontier. Make the strategic move, join our 112.000 employees and catch the chance to follow your best career path in 106 countries.


  • Degree in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering from reputable university with min GPA 3.0.
  • Having 2 years experience as Quality Engineer in manufacturing field – FRESH GRADUATES are welcome
  • Able to communicate with all level and department and demonstrate leadership skill to drive for excellent quality performance

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Be a Winner in The Promotion Competition

competitionYou have a product or great service. Then after that what? From the dizzy thinking about how to make your business boom, you better understand somethings about the sale, so that you can connect and have a relationship with your customers. This is not about convincing your customers of what you sell, but how to make them satisfied with your product.

Today, whether you have a shop or cafe on the roadside or even run an online business, promotion on the Internet will be very useful for your business. How you can succeed in online promotion? Four things you need to consider this:

• 1. Communicate with both advantages and benefits of your product.
• 2. Create a link connection with a variety of portals
• 3. Make a personal ad
• 4. Do not expect anything instant

In creating an ad, make sure that your message strong, clear and promote your well-defined product.
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Jobs at Thiess Contractors

thiessCurrently we have over 6000 employees in Indonesia. Our business provides integrated services in mining, civil construction, process engineering, and telecommunication throughout Indonesia. We are currently seeking :

Department: Plant Department
Work type: Permanent

Reporting to the Plant Finance & Administration Superintendent, you will be supported and trained at site and head office. During an extended period of development and mentoring at your chosen site, you will undertake the full range of accounting duties including information processing, costing, monthly reporting, forecasting and assist with the identification of performance enhancements to add value to the business.

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Online insurance quotes can save your time & money

nsurance-quotesNowadays having a car is a needs for most of people in crowded city.  It is also reflecting their personality.  For this reason you need to find the best security for your car. There is a way to secure your car is by taking auto insurance plan.  If you are confused where you can find for the best insurance plan.  It is very easy, you just see at auto insurance quotes on the internet.  It’s easy way to find and make comparation auto insurance quotes.  Many insurance companies offers a variety of auto insurance policies to car owners.  They have different coverage plans and rates.  The most important by this comparison of insurance quotes is give you a clear understanding of the best rates and policies.

Comparison online of auto insurance quotes and polices can give benefit for you and helps you save time and money for this deals.  You don’t have to contact an insurance agent or go to their office to find the insurance quotes.  You only need to open the Internet and compare from those company with their different policies and quotes.  It also helps you save the commission where you have to pay to an insurance agent to look at different quotes for you.  Before you compare the different of insurance quotes, you need to complete online registration form that require for some personal information. The registration is compulsory if you request for a chart that compares with different auto quotes.  After you complete the registration form, you can see auto insurance quotes for all the plans that is relevant to you from the different insurance companies.

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Discover Your Strength On The Job

careersFeeling that you’re like bees in the collection of worker bees do not just affect your morality: Feeling the least power in the workplace can make you more difficult to organize your thoughts, priorities, and making decisions. But before you blame “the boss”, behavior re-evaluate your own behavior. You – not your boss – who is responsible for developing your skills, set your goals, build your resume. This is how you master your job and your future.

* Have a goal. What do you want? A set of new responsibilities? Works really new? Knowing what you want to achieve and work to achieve these goals will make you feel more in control of both the daily tasks you and your career as a whole.

* Stop sabotaging yourself. Did you get used to coming to the office five minutes late? Or you rolled your eyes behind your back your supervisor? Eliminate the negative behavior and the choice is your boss will notice the increase it – and maybe just start trusting you with the responsibility of the new responsibility.

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Useful Tips Start Your Business in Canada

business team with a businesswoman holdingMany immigrants come to Canada from all over the world to start their new life. After living and doing business in Canada for about 3 years, most of them apply for citizenship in order to continue their life and business. They must pass the citizenship test in order to be a Canadian. But now for them there is a Canadian Citizenship Practice Test available on It is a very useful tool. Their team have created this free online practice quiz software to help us quickly prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test, including some questions specific to province of British Columbia.  In fact, that immigration has been the backbone from the first time this country was founded and many immigrant deserve the right to be Canadian citizen. This Canadian Citizenship Practice Test by far has surpassed its accomplishment. It will be helpful for you to become a citizen.

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