Career Planning Strategy

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CBR003552The success or career stagnation can be started from their own employees and the self can also be caused by management companies that do not support employee career development. As an employee, you certainly can not easily change the management company for your career running smoothly. So what can you do when your career stop at a place? The following paper will provide some alternative actions you can take in career planning.


Successful executives do not rely on others to manage their careers. They preferred the hard work and ability to achieve the opportunity. In line with this, a career stagnation is often caused by the passivity of people in managing his career. If you feel let down because the company has worked for many years, while the promotion or career advancement did not come, you need to more actively managing careers through the following three actions.

First, analyze and improve your competence.

Competence here means having the ability and a mature attitude, not only has the longest working. For example, you are a supervisor who has held that position for years and not well promoted or promoted. You need self-introspection: if you have served as a good supervisor? Do you have the technical ability in your field, able to lead subordinates and take appropriate decisions? Does your attitude demonstrate the attitude of a leader full of initiative, could be a model and can work well?
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Be a Star In Your Job

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9f9cafa5293One of the main obstacles in one’s career is a lack of courage to take risks. Taking risks is scary when you focus on bad things that might happen, but if you imagine the good things that might happen is you’ll eagerly.

For many people taking a risk means to open ourselves to something that is not predictable and even dangerous. But in fact, when a person avoid the risk it will not make it safe, not even a guarantee at all everything will go smoothly.

An illustration of not dare to take risks is a story about monkeys and canned beans. In some areas, people catch monkeys by putting a bean in a tin. But can it only be a small hole. When the monkeys had come to take the beans by putting his hand he held a peanut she could not hand them out. The only way to get that monkey can be free from the trap of canned beans is releasing her hand.

Trying to avoid the risk of holding it like a peanut. You think this is a way to play it safe by grasping what you have, but in reality you are in a trap.

So how do I take risks in your job?

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Choosing and Using Credit Cards

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credit-cardUntil now the money is still a legal tender, but for the sake of effectiveness and safety reasons lately a lot of banking institutions that offer various forms of cash replacement cards. So whenever and wherever you go no longer need to fuss and worried about the payment that you want to do.

Debit card (or the more familiar known as ATM) and credit card is a popular kite-cards. Almost people have this card.  Usually someone will start to seriously consider using a credit card when they already have a fixed income.  Therefore a lot of credit card promotional programs targeting the new employees.

Programs like any other promotions, credit cards also come with the lure and the promise of heaven, and for beginners who do not have the experience and knowledge in the use of credit cards, it can plunge them to get stuck on the exorbitant bills.

There are several things that must be considered before choosing a credit card. First, adjust the type of credit cards with your hobbies and fun. Credit card has a partnership program with many discount outlets merchand such as food, department stores, electronic shops, cinemas and more. Promo discount credit card according to your hobbies and fun will really help you get a discounted price, so you still will get the rest of the budget you have allocated to spend.
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Career at Medco Energi


Our company is one of leading oil and gas company engaged in exploration and production, currently operating 18 blocks in Indonesia. The culture of our company is shaped by its values: professional, ethical, open, and innovative.  Recently we involved with a number of upcoming projects and is currently seeking for experienced candidates in the following positions to support its operations:

Requirement :

* Bachelor degree in Chemical or Industrial Engineering form from reputable local/international university
* Male/Female, max. 27 year old, with good appearance
* Min. 3 years working experience in the position
* Have own vehicle (car)
* Good in English both oral written and spoken is a MUST
* Have In depth understanding in oil & gas retail business and shipping, would be advantage
* Good leadership
* Good interpersonal, communication and relations skills
* Strong skill in planning & analyzing
* Good negotiation skill
* Good monitoring, controlling and decision making
* Hard working and initiative
* Good working attitude and character
* Keen on a new challenges
* Stationed in Kalibaru, Tanjung Priok

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Vertor Makes You Famous!

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Verify Your Choice With Vertor

Vertor is a newly introduced type of torrents search website. In many aspects, it is like the many other torrents I have used to find video and audio files, as well as books and magazines. At the same time, I have found it much easier to use than any other search engine I have ever worked with. But the main thing is that it is the safest bit torrents search engine on the web.
When I was just getting acquainted with this resource, a friend of mine, an experienced torrent user, told me what was so unique about Vertor. He wisely began with the site’s name that is a marriage of ‘verify’ and ‘torrent’. This torrent search tool contains only fully verified links and files that have undergone a thorough processing. Therefore, unlike other torrents, which hackers consider the most effective tools to spread malware with, this one appears to be safe. It is a well known fact that Vertor team always uses the latest versions of antivirus and antispam software. Besides, you will never run into a password protected archive or DRM protected file. When I opened the home page for the first time, I was pretty much surprised to discover it was clear of any ad stuff.
What I like best of all, Vertor gives a comprehensive preview on every file, regardless of its type and category. All links are supplied with comments, so you can get an idea of what it is you are going to download. Another great thing is that the site is open for discussions. We have already built a kind of discussion club, and we discuss everything about bittorrents we have uploaded or downloaded and we share information on what we are going to download in the foreseeable future.
It did not take me a lifetime to get the feel of Vertor. The nanosecond I downloaded my first file I knew there was hardly anything better in the whole world. What I know for certain is that I’m not going to search all torrents to find a movie, TV show or a software utility for my PC.

Full Comprehensive Low Cost Insurance Solution

insuranceNowadays, finding an insurance for your business and asset is easy, especially car insurance.  By the online process, you can get an auto insurance comparison that will be save you time, and money. Beside that part of the deal is the main thing to this system.  You don’t have to waiting until you have found the best deal and actually visit to the company’s web site.  Don’t worry if you sending payment out every month just to keep up with your car insurance. You are also can find other type of auto insurance companies in several ways. The most common ways that people can utilize to find a decent car insurance company is to go through trusted agent.  If you are looking for online car insurance and with low rates, then trusted car insurance company in Australia might be able to help. Their rates are very competitive, with the benefit of exceptional service.  They always know that with the rising cost of living, car insurance has to suit your budget with affordable price.

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Investment Priorities

investment_planPlanning is crucial in investments. In planning for the person will know what level of investment growth which he take.  In the one part of the planning there is one thing that should not be separated from the problem of budgeting.

Budgeting or in written in English with the word budgeting is an activity related to setting priorities in which the most important thing is to be preferred. In investing, there are at least 3 main priorities to be served, ie in the financial priorities, priority use of time, and ethical priorities.

Let us start from the first priority, the priority in finance. How do we use our money is an indication of what we believe. 16:13 Luke write about this, “No servant can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You can not serve to God and mammon. ” So, money does not make us into a spiritual or so worldly, but rather the spiritual condition that is within us.

Although not written explicitly about who should come first payment, there are 3 parties should not be forgotten, the supplier of goods (if you invest in a product), employees, and fellow owner of the investment (if you’re running an investment is not a self). The three of you should pay in accordance with the agreement you make. This is important as keeping your integrity, God will take into account what you do.

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Success In Online Business Management

bisnis-online-upload-kecilThe development of the virtual world, or better known as the online world has become a promising business for you can invest your money. Internet access becomes a logical reason why an online business so tempting to serve as the investment field.

The principles in the online business is no different when you first used to manage the business. Therefore, the notice tips on managing a successful online business:

1. Type of Business. As your opening move in opening a business or investing is to specify the type of business you see and believe can bring in money. Suppose that sell products, services, information, advertisements (such as advertising) or to run other people’s products. Do not forget to take care of business competition and where your business emphasis. Does your business type preferred price, quality, service, or simply selling point.

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Billing Software Reduces the Office Administration Load

angg31Small businesses need to spend the minimum amount of time on paperwork and administration. Unfortunately the process of billing can’t be avoided. Having an easy to use billing software can help make life easier. The best invoicing software makes the monthly invoicing process a breeze allowing you to email invoices to customers and speed up the invoice payment process. Any decent invoice software should also allow you to track payments made against invoices and find out which invoices are overdue payment. It’s also handy of your billing software can produce customer statements showing which invoices are outstanding for specific customers. Sales reports showing the amount billed to each customer are also useful for determining which customers spend the most money with you and which products sell the most.