Chevron – Accounting, Engineering, Doctor, Nurse, Mining, Technician

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Chevron – Headquartered in San Ramon, California USA, operating in hundreds of countries, working in all aspects of business related to petroleum and natural gas, including exploration and production, oil refining, marketing and transportation; plant chemicals and their marketing and energy electricity. In Indonesia, Chevron works with BPMIGAS (Executing Agency Upstream Business Activities Oil and Gas) in the field of exploration and production and work with PERTAMINA in the field of geothermal energy and electricity. In order to keep maintaining the growth of the business continues to increase and strengthen the ability of the organization, Chevron in Indonesia at this time looking for new graduates or graduates-who have experienced.

Are you a potential and a new graduate (graduation in 2006 – 31 July 2009):
(Vacancy will be closed on 28 February 2009)
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Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

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Your career has its ups and downs. We all have or have had career slumps and they do blow over. If you’re feeling “slumpish” these days, know that you’ll look backward one day and recognize the useful lessons you’ve discovered from this time in your life. Everything happens for a reason-you just might not know the reason yet.

If this is a down period of time for you, the respectable news is it’s up from here.

While you’re Figuring Things Out, believe That Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day. Here’s however To Focus On What’s Yet To Come.

1. Write Down What You need Your Future To Look Like

Create a image of where you catch yourself in the future. Your image can be among where you prefer to be in a day, a week, a month, a year, or even farther into the next. This image gives your journey a clear and approachable goal and provides focus.

Close your eyes. Allow your imagination take up. Connect with what you really want and what is important to you. Ask yourself what you want and get your answers down in writing. Keep this description with you and consider it daily. Great matters tend to happen to those who experience where they’re going.

2. Have A Plan

Once you’ve your solutions, you are able to begin to put them into a elegant structure.

Having a program is vital to your success. With a plan, a living up to career will be far easier to accomplish. Without a plan, you’ll be working far harder than you’ve to.

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The trick is to be clear about the treads that are necessary to ensure your success. The more specific you are able to be in describing your steps, the better. Figuring come out in detail what steps you’ll take-and when you’ll take them-is the foundation of your plan.

Another reason to create a plan is that it will prevent your goals from becoming overwhelming. The temptation to feel overwhelmed is normal. You’re, after all, about to jumpstart your career. The structure of your plan will give you comfort and help you get going again.

3. Take Action

Action is all important to your success. And, among the best ways to keep your momentum going is accepting the steps you created in your plan written into your calendar.

Use your calendar as your friend to help guide you and keep you on track. Having a calendar will help check whether you reach your goal or not. If your steps are published into your calendar, there’s a higher probability that you are able to quickly check them off your list, because what you need to do is in front of you. If your steps are not in your calendar, they probably won’t get done, because you may forget what you need to do.

Your calendar is your friend. Begin your friendly relationship by opening your calendar and entering the steps from your plan into it. Commit to doing at least one thing every day, whether you feel like it or not. One action per day leads to a significant number of actions taken across time. This is how you will be successful.

4. Tell Yourself That Greatness Is awaiting For You

The workplace, from time to time, can bring a toll on your self-esteem. E.g., if you’re working in an surroundings that is filled with negativity, it will be harder for you to be positive. If your boss tells you daily that your work is no good, it will be harder for you to believe in your abilities. If you have been out of work for some time, it will be harder for you to believe that you’ve something worthwhile to contribute to the workplace, or more difficult to think why someone would hire you.

How you look at yourself is how the world views you, too. If you are positive, the world sees a confident individual. If you don’t feel good about yourself (for whatever reason), the world sees a person they don’t have to pay much attention to.

Many clients have asked me whether I think they will be successful in reaching their goals. My answer is yes-if they do the work and they trust in themselves.

So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it may as well be a life you love!

How to Writing your curriculum vitae

A beneficial beginning point for writing a curriculum vitae is to arrange a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) on your relevant acquirements and experiences. This will highlight your ‘selling points’ and describe any gaps.
Match the requirements
The key skill to a successful curriculum vitae is to make certain it is geared towards the position that you are applying for. Recruiters will judge your curriculum vitae on how well you match their ‘wish list’ of skills and experience. Consequently, it is important to study the advertisements and read between the lines of what is given to you. You should also make yourself familiar with any other recruitment literature available and the company website.
Broad requirements such as ‘excellent communication skills’ need to be broken down by thinking about how you will use them in the job.
Getting noticed
You had better select a layout for your curriculum vitae that will draw attention to your positive attributes. If you lack some type of work experience but have good skills from university activities, jobs and so on, then you should focus on a more skill based curriculum vitae rather than a chronological one. Your choice had better also depend on the employer and where your strengths lie, for instance, for a law firm you want a traditional curriculum vitae and for a marketing company, a more creative style curriculum vitae would be suitable.
Your curriculum vitae should commonly cover: personal details, educational activity, work experience, skills, interests and references. You can also use headings to draw the employers’ attention to your strongest selling points such as:
·        Positions of Responsibility – highlights informal leadership positions as well as official roles.
·        Additional work experience – can be used to identify casual work from professional and career related experience.
·        Education and awards – use this to tell of any prizes won, scholarships and/or employer sponsorship.
·        Additional skills – here you can bring together languages, IT, driving license and any other relevant qualifications.
In general a reverse chronological order for education and work experience is used and most space is devoted to what is most important. This generally means 1 or 2 lines maximum for General Certificate of Secondary Education* and including relevant details about your degree in.
Looking suitable
A curriculum vitae must look professional person and be easy to read. Employers scan through them quickly so having clear headers, well aligned tabs and a minimum size font of 10 will work to your profit. In addition, make sure you use good quality paper for hard copies. Use simple direct language and ‘action words’. Proof read you curriculum vitae and have someone check for writing and grammar.