Arranging and continuing Your Career Goals for 2009

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The recent U.S economy is going through a high unemployment rate and job certificate is on the decline, causing an exceptionally competitive job marketplace. More than 69 percent of those polled said that their most important career goal is to find a better job, while more than 20 percent are preparing for and expanding their future options by either furthering their education or enlarging their networking contacts. Surprisingly, only 10 percentage of business professionals want to just hang on to their current position. Job seekers are staying optimistic as they undertake to climb the corporate ladder, but how do they plan to dedicate to their goals in these unsure times?

It’s difficult enough sticking to your declarations at the onset of the New Year, but however are you expected to keep it with the current state of the economy? This year continuing committed to your career goals will be a resolution in itself, but with realistic goals to reach for and a little optimism you’ll be well on your way to a successful future in no time!
The most crucial thing to continue in mind once setting goals, whether it is to better yourself personally or professionally, is that it is essential to set goals that you will be able to reach. A common problem that most of us encounter when making resolutions for the New Year is creating goals that are larger than life that we know we will never achieve. Here are five easy to follow tips to keep in mind when adjusting your career goals for 2009.

1.    Reflect Back – Look back on the previous year and list your successes and things you might better. From that list, identify the one or two affairs that you want to focus on to improve your career in the New Year.

2.    Be Realistic – Create a detailed plan by expressing realistic “quick hits” or small jobs that you can achieve that will in the end allow you to achieve your overall goals. The key word is “realistic.” By creating a elaborate plan with several milestones and easy to achieve tasks along the way; your destinations will be more attainable. Continue reading

Accomplishing Workplace declarations

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The New Year is upon us, and for many people it takes fresh dream to accomplish new personal and professional destinations. However, for some, the task of making changes in the New Year is an overtaking challenge that may cause them to cringe at the sheer sound of the mind.

A lot of people set personal goals or declarations such as slimming down, eating healthier, cutting down debt or saving more money. But, it is crucial not to forget to also establish professional goals or declarations that can help you further your career, improve your workplace environment and overall well-being.
Continue reading

The 7 big statements for the Unemployed

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The accompanying is our prompting of how to use our 7 big statements to get over job loss. We use the term God to have in mind the higher ability of your understanding. These seven statements are the ones we and thousands of others have practiced to overcome unemployment and the damaging emotions rounding it.

1. Modify Your Focus Give praise. Bring your mind off your life’s disputes and shift your focus toward good persuasions and accomplishing a new job.

Statement: I love you God and welcome you into my heart and soul. Thanks for grace me with a new occupation.
Tip: For many of your statements, confirm as though you have already been blessed what you are inquiring for.

2. Set Yourself in a say of Gratitude
Take a bit and reflect on all the good matters in your life and give cheers Change your considering from lack to thanks.

Affirmation: Thank you God, you give me power, comfort and durability while I find a new job.
Tip: Affirmations without taking action are just wishes. Take steps forward every day to find a new job and give thanks for everything during the day. There is nothing too small to give thanks for. For example, thank God for the beautiful day, a smile, a kind word, not to mention your health, family, etc.

3. Associate with Your Higher ability — From Whom altogether Blessings Flow
Feel God’s presence and know that God is inside you right now, and that you are associated with God.

Affirmation: God, you are inside me right now and you are facilitating me through my job search and facilitating me find the complete job for me.
Tip: When using affirmations, don’t beg. Instead, talk as though you are talking with your best friend. Talk and affirm positively, and know that you are loved.

4. It’s all right to demand to Be blessed with a New Job
God wants the very best for you . . . “whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive”.

Affirmation: I am being led on the right path for me today for finding a new job, leaving all the details to God…I am blessed.
Tip: Some people believe for some reason they don’t deserve blessings — throw this idea out once and for all! You are a good individual. You are loved. You deserve to be blessed, so ask to be blessed in prayer, believe you’ll be blessed, and you will receive blessings!

5. Get on the watch for “Messengers” and Blessings
Be alert to couriers and events that have followed sent your way to help you receive the blessings you desire, which includes helping you through the entire process of your re-employment.

Affirmation: God, as I see you everyplace, I easily know it when you are accomplishing out to bless me. I take continuous action and leave no stone unturned.
Tip: Set a goal. Have a clear picture of the job you want. Put your re-employment goals in writing. There are studies that report that those who put their goals in writing achieve dramatically better results than those who don’t. So write down your re-employment affirmations in a journal along with your re-employment goals, and then take ACTION!

6. Bless and Love other people
“Love your neighbour as you’d love yourself”. When you’re out of a job it’s easy to feel very alone and isolated in your negative situation. Again, it’s crucial that you maintain a positive mental attitude, and an easy way to do this is to say short, loving affirmations, blessing others.

Affirmation: I love and bless my family and supporters. I love and bless all those who are in motive of love, comfort and strength.
Tip: Decide to live in the now. Don’t fret about the past, don’t worry about the future. Don’t go through your re-employment alone. Connect with family, friends, people you’ve worked with in the past, community services and your spiritual circle.

7. Practice Your Talents
Whatever you put into the world will go back to you ten-fold. You have especial gifts. Reflect on these givings and how they can help other people. Be open to a completely different career; maybe a move to a new location. With every adversity there is the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Affirmation: God, run through me today and help me do your good works. The more I help others, and do your good work, the more blessings I attract into my life.
Tip: While looking for a new job, stay active. Volunteer. Help others. It’s the right thing to do and your volunteer work may very well connect you to a person or event that will help you become re-employed.